3DSmartLEDTV uncovers LG’s 4K UHD TV, powered by Quantum Dot technology

Among the first models to be powered by the latest Quantum Dot technology, LG has announced the launch of its model LG UF9400 named Color Prime which is a 4K Ultra high definition TV, a few weeks before the CES 2015.

For the same, Jonathan A. Bennett has highlighted the main features of this newest model of LG in his article on 3dsmartledtv which focuses upon all the details and features of the model in detail and about the new quantum dot technology as well.

According to the reports, the model will be available in the sizes of 55 and 65 inches very soon in the market. The newest Quantum Dot technology ensures the noticeable difference in terms of color levels if compared to standard 4K Ultra-HD set and also offers a broader range of colors giving a cinema like picture quality to the viewers.

This model is different from OLED as in LG UF9400 quantum dots, the conventional LED, LCD backlight has been used with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The quantum dots technology requires an additional layer of films placed over it along with the eponymous dots, which make the colors 20 to 30 percent more vibrant than the traditional ones.

ColorPrime is an ultra thin model with quad core processor and runs on a battery of 240 Hz. In partnership with Harma/Kardon, LG has incorporated speaker technology in their range of UHD televisions. The model comes with a pair of 4.2-watt front firing drivers which eliminates the need to buy external speakers.

Some of the other great features of the model include the ‘Upscaling technology’ which increases the picture quality to quite an extent; the ‘Ultra-luminance’ technology provides better colors and contrast by analyzing the brightest and darkest areas of the picture and thus providing an optimum picture quality.

By eliminating the need of excess fluorescent light in the background, like the earlier models, the feature also results in energy savings. The improved version of webOS smart TV operating system, webOS 2.0 ensures faster navigation and improved responsiveness of the graphics.

This version is also promised to be more user-friendly and better at accessibility. LG has also admitted that releasing this model was a responsive measure to the launch of quantum dot technology models released by the competitors.



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