Incredible Dream Machines Slated to Be Released in September 2015

Powerful and targeted online marketing is essential for excelling in business. Tim Godfrey and Greg Jacobs have recently come up with Incredible Dream Machines, a proven effective formula in online money making.

Talented web entrepreneurs Tim Godfrey and Greg Jacobs recently came up with Incredible Dream Machines, an integrated marketing intelligence software program that would help aspiring entrepreneurs find the right niche to start their online business. Tim and Greg, who have been the chief architects behind some of the biggest software products released on the internet to date, have made it official now that they team are going to show tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and innovators a new way to explore the largely untapped online market and its potentials.

In a recent press conference, one of the developers highlighted the importance of niche selection to kick start a successful business. They said that the crowdfunding platforms are mainly used by wealthy investors who constantly look for good reasons to invest their money.  They added that the second most important step one should take for raising good amount of money through crowdfunding is to find the right product. They should then choose the right platform to make the right people aware of their venture. However, they said that the most important step in this process is to source products from China and package them well.

“The secret marketing trick that we have been using for years is going to be revealed now. We will soon reveal more about the salient features of the software product that we are going to launch this September. We believe that this is going to be the one of the best market intelligence software suites. There are potential investors who would be happy to spend a fortune on anything that genuinely attracts them. Once the niche is chosen, one should choose a product type, choose a good crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo or Kickstarter and then source the product from China. This is in fact a great business idea that one might try. In majority of cases, we have got success using this method,” said Jacobs, one of the developers during a press conference.

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