Toking Guru Publishes New Reviews As Marijuana Legalization Spreads

Toking Guru is dialing up the speed of their updates as more states than ever legalize marijuana not just for medical, but recreational use, increasing demand for recreational products.

Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon have all legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and Massachusetts, California, Missouri and Hawaii are all under more popular pressure than ever before to legalize. With this popular movement toward legalization, people are feeling more confident in investing in the vast paraphernalia that helps give smokers the best experience. Toking Guru ( is a website that offers independent reviews of hundreds of marijuana related products, and has published a new suite of content to respond to the increased interest in these products.

The latest reviews to be published to the site range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the SmoCAN all in one portable smoking system to a gas mask bong ( There is even a glassware honeycomb percolator, together with a range of pipes and grinders. 

The products are all independently reviewed and analyzed by the site’s team of editorial staff. Each product is introduced based on its place in the market and its claims for users, before being explored in terms of its advantages and disadvantages, unique selling points and chief competition. They then draw a conclusion which is reflected by the score given to the product on the homepage.

A spokesperson for Toking Guru explained, “We are thrilled to see the drive toward legalization is continuing, and we hope to see nationwide legalization in the coming years. This will of course create more demand for the kind of products we review, but it will also see the activity lifted out of criminal mindsets, allowing people to spend more to enjoy the experience as an aficionado of fine wines or cigars might. Some of the new products we have reviewed will enable this, while others are novelty items designed to be fun at parties. All have their place, and our site is the best place to find out about the latest releases.”

About Toking Guru

Toking Guru is an online resource center dedicated to helping people find the most safe and efficient methods for marijuana consumption. The site is regularly updated by a team of committed writers and researchers, providing users with in depth product reviews and testimonials to help users make informed consumer decisions about the best products. 

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