Benefits of OTDS Ltd Wide Range Configuration Distribution Transformers / Power Transformers

OTDS Ltd distribution transformers / power transformers have now been extended to suite a wide range of applications. Many large and small institutions as well individual businesses have constantly been seeking units that articulately meet their demands. OTDS Ltd has also built a niche tailored to clients’ demands for supplies of both step-up and step down units locally and internationally. 

Extent of the Transformers Applications 

The managing director of OTDS Ltd explained that the wide range if these configurations follow many years of research to ensure that all market segments are well addressed. The current range of the distribution transformers stretches from 15kva on single phase and package substations to larger models of power units reaching MVA. The extended range also incorporates cast resin, oil model and dry types that are carefully sealed for optimal performance. 

Benefits of the Extended Distribution Transformers / Power Transformers Range 

The key advantage of the new range is that clients are able to enjoy larger choices of ratings, styles and even types. This makes it easy to find a perfect fit for businesses and institution based on their power demand. OTDS Ltd has made it easy for clients to get their orders by simplified specifications, better tendering, manufacturing and even installation. With current rating based on customer demand, those transformers on higher demand are stocked in greater quantities for faster delivery and installation. When clients come to OTDS Ltd, they are assured of saving costs because the company has directly mounted MV switchgear as well as ready equipments.

Applications of the Wide Range of Distribution Transformers / Power Transformers 

Outdoor and indoor use if oil and resin models Residential units, commercial entities as well as the oil industry Small industries can best utilize the cast resin and dry type of transformers Others are food industries, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

The new range makes OTDS ltd to impact on operations of its clients positively by lowering cost of doing business, enhancing safety in the work place, and promoting higher productivity. Visit OTDS ltd to select the transformer that best suits your needs.


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