Mission Without Borders Launches IndieGoGo Project for Sarny Vocational Institute

Mission Without Borders has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to keep the Sarny Vocational Institute in the Ukraine open.

For more than fifteen years, Mission Without Borders has run the Sarny Vocational Institute in the Ukraine. This war-torn country in Eastern Europe has been experiencing serious problems and the Institute is now facing an uncertain future.  MWB has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the preservation of this Institute.

For more than 55 years, Mission Without Borders has been helping the poor in Eastern Europe to break free from the grinding poverty and hopelessness that has been their reality.  Sponsoring more than 30,000 children and families and providing assistance to over 150,000 elderly, MWB offers a wide range of programs designed to help others become self-sufficient.  Over 90 percent of all funds donated go to programs to help the needy.

The Sarny Vocational Institute provides a free education for young people to gain employability skills.  Sarny helps students earn state certification in a variety of vocational areas.  Students are assured of having the skills necessary to get a good job, restore hope and secure their future with a steady income.  However, utility costs are increasing more than 600 percent this fall.  The boiler that serves the school has broken down and cannot be fixed.  Facing a harsh Ukraine winter, the future of the school is in jeopardy.

MWB is attempting to raise $10,000 CAD, which would allow them to replace the broken oil burning boiler with a wood- and peat-burning boiler. This will dramatically lower monthly operating costs and will be better for the environment as well.  Any additional funds will be used to upgrade the free dental clinic and food services programs at the school that serve not only the students but also the elderly in the area.  Money could also be used to provide school supplies and course materials.

The IndieGoGo campaign, as seen at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saving-the-sarny-vocational-institute#/story, offers pledge levels of $25 to $10,000 and prizes including t-shirts, water bottles, books and even a trip to the School in Sarny.  

For more information, see the IndieGoGo page.

About Mission Without Borders:  

Mission Without Borders is a non profit registered charity that has helped people in Eastern European countries pursue a safer and better life for more than 55 years.  The group operates many programs in addition to the Sarny Vocational Institute, which offers students training to ensure that they can pursue a career


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