W12 Conferences – Integrate your Conference with Social Media

Social media is so popular now and the benefits to businesses are huge

Conferences are hugely effective at getting people together to discuss a topic of common interest however they are usually restricted by the size of the venue and the budget of the company hosting the event. The personal touch is absolutely vital as it allows you to build business contacts that simply wouldn’t be possible with webinars.

Social media plays such a dominant part in people’s lives, businesses simply cannot afford to ignore it. Most people now will spend over an hour a day on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By integrating your conference with social media, it allows you to spread your message to a far greater audience than the people in attendance at the venue.

Social media in short means that the conversation extends beyond the walls around you and is online for others to see. The exposure companies can get from it is huge; a conference with 500 people suddenly changes to thousands of people when you consider the online audience.

When booking a venue for a conference, you need to think about how you are going to integrate social media. Tony Steedman form W12 Conferences, an event venue in West London, suggested “you consider social media during the planning phase. Do you have second screen technology available? For those that do not know, this is where delegates are able to view the information projected on the big screen on their mobile devices. The great thing about second screen technology is that it gives delegates something to share online and therefore encourages it. Gone are the days when it is deemed rude to be looking at your phone during a conference. Now it is almost encouraged as businesses want you to spread the message to boost their brand awareness and publicity.”


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