No. 4 Hamilton Place – The Conference Landscape is Evolving due to Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites are changing the way companies do business at conferences

Social media has had a big impact on individuals and businesses alike. People spend hours every day online and use it as a way of getting the news, hearing the latest gossip and expressing themselves. Before social media, it was very hard for people to voice their opinions and in most cases could be likened to a drop in the ocean. Now though, a small voice can be heard by millions.

For those that don’t know social media is simply an online based tool that allows people to create and share information. This can be text, images or videos depending on the platform that you are using. Given its popularity, businesses are taking to social media to promote their brand.

As technology has improved, many companies now operate online and have lost the personal touch with many of their customers. Many of these companies use social media to integrate with their demographic so that they still have a voice.

Emily Falconer from No. 4 Hamilton Place, a conference venue in London, said “companies are realising the benefit of social media and are integrating social media into their conferences where they can. Conferences are great as they give companies the personal touch and allow people to network and to build business relationships that are hugely valuable. By incorporating social media into their conferences, companies can achieve what they would with a traditional conference and also generate a huge amount of publicity and brand awareness online. Social media allows companies to spread the word beyond the walls of the conference venue and to the millions online.”

She went on to say “second screen technology is very popular. This allows delegates to view information on their mobile device in real time. It also allows them to post information on social media sites. In the past being on mobile devices during a conference was frowned upon but now it is almost encouraged as companies realise the benefits of delegates spreading the word about their conference.”

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