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Whether you are a small business or author, if you have a website you should be using press release distribution services on a regular basis to build your online presence. Press releases distribution provide the media with the information they need to write a news story. For authors, submitting a press release can announce a book signing, book reading, new book release, blog tour, celebrity endorsements, sponsorships, price changes, a new blog, awards, or other newsworthy events. A search engine optimized (SEO) distribute press release can help generate media coverage, increase traffic to your website, improve your ranking in search engines, and attract new customers. Press releases are essential in a PR campaign from company.

For announcing new scheduled events, new hires, promotions granted, release of new products and services, and many other such ostensibly newsworthy reasons, every company preferably issues a written press release. Now if every company is doing the same thing simultaneously and with so much competition in today’s market, any editor or journalist could be flooded with hundreds or thousands of press releases which he/she does not even care about. They obviously do not have the time and patience to go through each one of them. So for your press release to really stand out of those many others. Even if it reaches to the editor of the daily newspaper, all your press release will get is just 4-5 lines in the business section. For your press release to get the publicity you want, you got to choose the best press release distribution service.

To Submit your press release to google news and other 500+ News Sites visit the company website at:

There are a lot of press release distribution services out there. When we ran our agency, we used several different services based on the varied preferences of our clients. Not to avoid picking a favorite, but I generally liked all of them. The services we use is because they have the best google news press release distribution service out there and it’s cheap. With them, your press release will be featured on the websites of major national newspapers, ratio stations and television stations, research databases and news portals, most traditional media outlets, like TV and radio channels, now have vibrant news websites that present their content online. If you want the attention you deserve, your press release needs to circulate among these outlets. They make sure your news gets featured on top TV and radio news sites that report happenings in your industry frrom Bing & Google News to CBS, Fox, ABC, CW, NBC affiliated broadcasting websites and more, and other premium news outlets, reach all through the Associated Press.

Press Boom is a team of developers, designers, writers and experienced SEO veterans burning the midnight oil to create the hands-down BEST online digital news release service. They will crawl over broken glass and do whatever it takes to get your message out to the world in a BIG way. With them, it’s never “business as usual”. The web is constantly evolving the our technology is designed to evolve with it.

You can start distributing your press release through 1 major paid distribution service, like, to generate more backlinks and traffic to your website. Backlinks help increase your ranking in search engines and traffic to your website. Also, be sure to post the press release on your own website or blog.

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