New Apple Product for the Holidays Announced

CUPERTINO, CA – 09 Sep, 2015 – The rumor mill has been flying that a new Apple product will be hitting the market this Holiday season and it will be the most affordable one yet.

While many in the technology industry have been speculating that it will be a new iPhone 6 or even a new portable Mac computer, insiders are reporting that the product is something much different. This new product is not new technology, even though some have reported otherwise. It is being described as a modern use of a familiar product. Many seem to believe this product is an older model ipod made with less expensive, Chinese parts, but with new technology. Several bloggers even believe it may be a scaled down, 2 GB iPhone for kids under the age of eight.

Business owner Jonathan Sidy is the only one to provide clear answers to this present mystery. Sidy says, “I hate to burst the bubble of so many technology-driven folks around the world, but the product, I assure you, isn’t even electronic.”

This leads to speculation as to what it actually is. Outside of an Apple T-shirt or Apple accessory, it appears that an Apple product under ten dollars is hard to come by. Even an Apple T-Shirt would be made out of the finest cotton and, some speculate, would cost closer to twenty-dollars.

“The speculation and rumor mill can now stop. The product everyone is buzzing about is actually Apple Stock and it is only eight dollars and ninety-five cents. Also, no one has to wait until the holidays because it is available now,” says Sidy.

It seems there has even been a mix up as to the manufacturer of this product. Apple Stock is not actually classified as a security or even apart of Apple, Inc. It is actually the woodcuttings from an Apple tree. Certified Apple Stock comes in a 6-inch long by 1.5-inch wide, white tube with the Apple Stock sticker centered on the outside. Included inside are one to three pieces of certified apple stock (determined by thickness, size and variety) and an 8.5 x 5.5-inch certificate of authenticity. Additionally, the tube arrives sealed on both ends so that it may be given as a gift.

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