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Why submit your press release to Google News? Why to Use PRBoom.net Press Release Distribution and Service for Google News Inclusion? Google News is the best media platform that runs under the expressed mission of presenting news from allover the world  and to provied access to it for users “while providing the best possible experience for those seeking useful and timely news information,” as stated on the google news’s website. The news aggregator monitors a reported over 4,000 news sources worldwide, picking up timely news from these resources.

Because of Google’s prominence it is a goal of many businesses to see their press releases disseminated through the tech king’s news aggregator. In fact, one of the most common questions that many business marketers have today is how can they get press releases submitted to Google and included on the list of news items shared to a vast audience.

It’s Easy and the results are amazing, simply visit the company’s website http://www.PRBoom.net for more information on how to submit your press release to google news.

Why Press Release on Google News Inclusion Is Important?

There is a clear distinction in value between sites that do not get into Google News and sites that do. Being included in Google News means that our news wire is considered of the same quality as PRBoom.net. News sites that get into Google News tend to generate higher traffic, more backlinks, greater visibility and higher search engine rankings than those that do not.

How Do I Make Sure My Press Release Is Compliant and Submit with Google News?

Google emphasizes Quality as Job Number One. We think it is better to publish fewer press releases of higher quality, than vice versa. If “Content Is King”, then when it comes to playing nice with Google News, “Quality Is Queen”. According to Google, three important factors are authority, accountability and readability. The best news sites exhibit clear authority and expertise, contain author bios and contact info, and ensure correct spelling and grammar.

Alternatives to getting a press release noticed and disseminated in Google News include a business attempting to get its website approved for Google News inclusion. However, because most business sites are not news sources this option is not a viable one for many. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to stay abreast of the guidelines for inclusion for a better understanding of how to prep one’s press release for online distribution through a chosen service.

PRBoom.net is a press release distribution portal. Now you can send your news and press releases using our large network utilizing PR Newswire’s network.

Typically, the press releases get into Google News within the hour. PRBoom site is Google News Approved, which means that it has been vetted by Google News staff and deemed to be of high enough news value to be included automatically within Google News Search results. This is no easy task; a news wire or news room has to meet certain standards of content and structure in order to be approved. In addition, the news wire has to be from a legitimate company that has multiple persons involved in editorial oversight.

Free and low-cost services cannot match the distribution clout or media placements achieved by paid subscription services like Business Wire. However, PR organizations can utilize free press release services for better traffic, page ranking and reputation management. By combining free and paid press release services, companies receive maximum exposure and secure valuable links and key words in search engines.

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