Magnetic Interviewing, LLC Intends to Help 12,000 Young People Gain Entry into the School or Company of their Dreams

The recent recession has reshaped the academic and corporate landscape. More young people have prioritized higher education, leading to rampant growth in the applicant pool for colleges and graduate programs. There has also been a growing number of applicants for a limited number of openings throughout the business community. This increased competition has made interview skills more important than ever, however, there are few resources available to prospective students and professionals.

In order to meet this growing need, Harvard Business School student Philip Blackett has established Magnetic Interviewing, LLC. Magnetic Interviewing, LLC offers young people the tools necessary to help them win over admissions officers and corporate recruiters in an interview. Philip Blackett has developed these proven techniques through his own experiences in higher education and the upper tiers of the corporate world, as well as from other industry experts.

The course offered through Magnetic Interviewing, LLC includes anecdotal talks, classroom instruction, person-to-person interactions and mock interviews. With a track record of success, Philip Blackett would like to expand Magnetic Interviewing, LLC so that more students can benefit from his wisdom.  He would like to reach 12,000 students and young professionals over the coming years and vastly improve their chances at attaining a position in the school or company of their dreams.

Although Philip Blackett has already completed much of the hard work in founding Magnetic Interviewing, LLC, increasing its visibility and reach to new consumers requires assistance from supporters who share his enthusiasm.  To help grow the company, Philip has begun a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo in partnership with UP Global. Financial supporters may receive a variety of perks including T-shirts, strategy guides, videos, mock interviews, and sponsored courses.  To learn more about Magnetic Interviewing, LLC and to make a financial contribution, please visit

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Company Name: Help 12K Young People Ace Their Interviews
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