Amazon #1 Travel Sewing Kit Creating Modern Day Superheroes

Salt Lake City, UT – September 09, 2015 – Not everyone can be superheroes but the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit – rated # 1 sewing kit on Amazon – has been turning many into modern day superheroes for family members and friends.

Also voted the Best Premium Sewing Kit for Adults and Kids, the Quick Stitch Sewing kit is a life- saver for damsels in distress. It contains everything – from a pin to a thimble – needed to salvage any wardrobe malfunction.

From missing buttons and gaping hemlines to obtrusive holes – The Quick stitch sewing kit has it covered.

Had it not been for her prudence in purchasing the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit, Jamie T. would have missed a recent opportunity to become Supermom. She said: “This little sewing kit was a life saver this past weekend for me. My daughter had her recital and one of her handcuffs for her costume came unsewn. The thread, scissors, and sewing needle that came in this kit, helped me to sew her cuff back together. The kit is the perfect size and I was able to take it with me with ease, I stuck it in my purse, and boy was I so happy I did. I’m now keeping it in my purse at all times just in case of a fashion emergency.”

The Quick Stitch sewing kit contains 12 spools of assorted threads to match almost any color garment, stainless steel needles of various sizes, stainless steel scissors, seam ripper, needle threaders, straight pins, safety pins, thimble, buttons and a 60″ measuring tape. All contents come in an attractive and quality, portable carrying case.

There’s no need for Herculean strength, 20/20 vision or supersonic speed to become a modern day super hero. The Quick Stitch Sewing Kit is all that’s needed to the save the day. The kit is also a universal gift item that will be appreciated year round by camper friends and family, gymnasts, dancers and kids who participate in sports.

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