Caring Dental Center Of Falls Church Virginia – Transcending Boundaries in the Dental Field with CEREC

Caring Dental Center continues to provide only the highest level of service to all their valued clients. Today, they yet again prove that they are the leading name in the dental field with the latest inclusion of a top of the line and state of the art equipment that can make the whole process of tooth/Crown making faster and more convenient.

CEREC is among the newest tools in dental technology that is taking the limelight on the dentistry scene. CEREC machine is a special computer and 3D printer which serves as a tool for dental restoration that allows a dentist to create dental crowns, restore decayed teeth, remove the flawed amalgam dental fillings or place the porcelain dental veneers in a single appointment.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction or simply CEREC is the unique method for CAM/CAD design based dentistry that was created and developed by M. Brandestini and W. Mörmann in 1980 at University of Zurich with the purpose of advancing dental restorations. With the use of computer aided manufacturing and computer aided design, the process allows the dentist to produce, construct and insert the individual ceramic restorations directly on the specific point that requires treatment or chairside in one appointment instead of having to wait severalweeks for your crown to be constructed in a Lab somewhere and still face the possibility of mistakes.  Caring Dental Center has invested in such a technology to ensure that the patient gets the best care and has access to the latest and greatest in dental technology ensuring high success rates and minimal impact.

General Information on CAM/CAD Dentistry

CAM/CAD dentistry involves digital impression from one or several scans (with the use of digital radiographs, visible light scanning, CT scans as well as other methods) that design serves as the input for computer restoration and restoration manufacturing. To carry all of the steps in the office of the dentist (Chairside), the dentist will need an image acquisition unit that has an intraoral camera, the required designing software and the milling machine or printer. Dr. Adam has made sure that all of these advanced prerequisites and acquired and integrated in his dental center.

For dentists who do not have a milling unit in the office, they will have to send the digital file version of the data to a dental laboratory through an online portal. The lab will then design and manufacture the restoration based on the prescription of the dentist and will then send the completed restoration back to the office of the dentist. The process usually takes weeks or months but now, a growing number of advanced dental centers are making use of the CEREC method, producing millions of restorations every single year. Caring Dental Center joins this number in their quest for a better and more conducive service to all their clients.

CEREC Procedure at Caring Dental Center – A Partner for Picture Perfect Smiles

CEREC restoration’s beauty lies in exactly just that – beauty in its most natural form. Unlike the unsightly silver dental fillings, the restorations and fillings using CEREC are made of the tooth-colored ceramic or porcelain that gives them the natural look. The CEREC procedure will require less drilling, fewer injections and less time. This might sound as too good to be true but if you have doubts that this kind of good looking restorations can really be made right in the office of your dentist in a matter of several easy steps, Caring Dental Center is going to replace those doubts with optimism and stark reality.

With the steadfast commitment and dedication of Caring Dental Center, the use of this new machine will make sure that patients will get nothing but the best and top of the line services for them to have the confidence to flash those pearly whites all over again!

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