Impregnated diamond core bits and surface set diamond casing rod shoe bits for hard rock drilling

“Wireline coring require high penetration bits such as impregnated diamond core bits, impregnated diamond casing shoe bits and rod shoe bits, also surface set diamond core bits and reaming shells are helpful for geological drilling”
The mining industry requires a number of technical tools among them impregnated diamond core bits, impregnated diamond casing shoe bits, surface set diamond core bits and casing shoe bits amongst many others.

Swift manufacturing ltd supply a wide range of wireline coring bits, especially of impregnated diamond core bits, surface set diamond casing shoe bits and rod shoe bits. The two most important considerations when deciding upon the most suitable tool to use are the relative hardness of the rock being penetrated and the nature of the ground being penetrated. Drilling bits are also categorized into wedging and directional drilling bits. While wedging tools are engineered to alter the direction of the hole, directional drilling bits are employed in directional drilling. Directional drilling bits are designed with an impregnated full face crown and reinforced center ports. Wedging drilling bits have tapered crown core bits to avoid drilling straight through the wedge.

Impregnated diamond core bits

Impregnated diamond core bits serve an array of functions in the mineral exploration industry. Our impregnated bits are designed to expose successive layers of diamonds as wear occurs hence ensuring a long life while maintaining a fast penetration rate. The matrix is a crucial factor to consider in bit manufacture as it must have the ability to retain the diamonds for as long as cutting continues and blunt diamonds are allowed to strip while drilling forces are resisted and do not allow sharp diamonds to be exposed before becoming blunt. It goes without saying that this also keeps the cost of drilling to a minimum. The diamond size, matrix, and concentration are highly dependent on the abrasiveness and hardness of the formation to be drilled. Diamond concentration is another factor to be considered as a high concentration favors a higher strip rate while increasing the load for “self-sharpening”. Care should be taken therefore to ensure that the matrix is not far too hard to prevent the matrix from stripping or too soft resulting in the premature release of the diamond before they are usefully exhausted.

Impregnated diamond casing shoe bits

The impregnated diamond casing shoe bits are designed to cut holes in medium all the way to hard formations. Their external outer drill string is threaded to facilitate easy penetration. They can therefore withstand extremely difficult conditions for example broken abrasive or unconsolidated overburdened materials. They are also manufactured in varying impregnation heights to suit each and everyone’s individual needs. The internal diameter of the casing shoe is flush to allow unrestricted passage of the core barrel into the shoe. The interior is also sufficiently large and smooth to allow passage of various coring equipment such as reaming shells, bits, drill rods and core barrels. Casing shoes are connected to the casing by use of thread. Selecting the right bit for the job requires one to assess the power and speed of their drill as well as the ground conditions like the rock type and down-hole conditions.

Surface set diamond core bits

These are used to drill through softer rock formations that are not properly drilled by impregnated diamond bits. Though formerly manufactured with a single layer of strong natural diamonds in a hard matrix, more recent surface set coring bits come in an array of varied crown profiles to fit different kinds of rock formations. Therefore, they can be considerably useful also in drilling harder formations where the rotational speeds and bits loads present preclude the need to use impregnated diamond bits. They have the added advantage of being put to use using low powered drills. They, however, have a shorter lifespan compared to the impregnated diamond core bits as their matrix consists of a single layer of diamonds.

Wireline coring

Coring is a technique mostly used in geological fieldwork to obtain different rock types. Core bits are manufactured with waterways to allow unrestrained removal of cutting debris. Wireline coring is normally used d in broken ground and is extremely effective in reducing the amount of core lost during flushing. It is therefore a highly effective technique that allows the required sample to be removed from the hole without necessarily having to remove the entire rod string. An overshot is lowered inside drill rods on a wireline cable till it latches securely onto the core barrel head assembly by its spearhead point. The core sample is reacted to the surface using the wireline cable and a winch.

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