Offering USB Type C 2.0 and Type 3.1 Adapters, Cables and Hubs at Discounted Prices

USB hubs, adapters and cables are some of the most sought-after technology products now., a California based manufacturer of HDMI cables, recently started offering USB cables, adapters and hubs at discounted prices.

USB or Universal Serial Bus adapter, cables and hubs have become one of the most utilitarian technology products of now.  USB Type C, USB 3.1 hub and USB 3.1 cable have become essentials for electricians, technicians and gadget-freaks all around. Allsmartlife,com, a California based manufacturer and wholesaler of technology products, recently brought an array of discounted technology products that comprise of USB type C, USB 3.1 cable, and USB 3.1 hub. The owners claimed that USB 3.1 is designed for fast and seamless data transfer and is compatible with many of the previous versions of USB.

The owners told that since they are proponents of USB 3.1 technology and one of the largest exporters of USB products in the US, they wanted to create traction in the domestic market. “Doing a business in the US means you have to pay heavy taxes. However, we did not want to disappoint our prospective buyers, for whom price is a great factor to take into consideration. We know large technology companies always look for USB 3.1 products and we thought we should slash down the price so that they can buy these products at almost wholesale prices,” said the marketing team head of who introduced the USB 3.1 cable and other products during a recent press conference.

Video Link: offers now both male and female USB types that are compatible with previous versions of USB. The owners of the technology consulting firm claimed that the USB 3.1 hub is also compatible with 4K resolution television sets and other types of high-end gadgets. They told the press that the products are all made in compliance with USB 3.1 specifications.

“We are planning to introduce a richer variety of USB 3.1 cables and adapters as well as USB Type C products in the near future. We will keep the prices of products low, until and unless the manufacturing cost dramatically goes up. It is our continued endeavour to offer top-notch technological products at affordable prices,” said the CEO of

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