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Outback Lip Balm. Great taste and fast healing of chapped or dry lips.
Outback Lip Balm is a combination of traditional beeswax with the healing and medicated properties of Australian Tea Tree Oil added. 2 different Tea tree Oils are used in the production of this unique product (Traditional Melaleuca Oil plus Lemon Scented Tea tree Oil), to provide a medicated Lip Balm with a great taste. SPF15+ protection rounds out a product with great consumer appeal.

Pain Away LLC, a Kentucky based marketer of Australian origin products has now released its famous Outback Lip Balm through the Mr Checkout distributor network. At first glance the Outback Series product is just a simple lip balm, but when you look into the history of the ingredients and the benefits of these great traditional aboriginal medicated essential oils, a whole story opens up.
Outback Lip Balm contains traditional beeswax as its base, which is a proven element for any brat quality balm.

But then comes the magic, with the addition of 2 Australian species of Tea Tree Oil extracts. First is the traditionally known Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is known by people all over the world for its antiseptic healing qualities and has been used by the Traditional aboriginal tribes of Australia for thousands of years as an antiseptic, a pain reliever and an anti inflammatory. The Bundjalong people of northern New South Wales, in Australia, are one of the first original tribes to be documented having used these amazing remedies. As well as Melaleuca, the Outback Product also contains a very rare species of Tea Tree Oil, known as Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil. By combining the 2 species the makers achieve a much higher level of medicated action and as well as that the second oil provides a subtle but nice touch of lemon flavour to the base.

To finish off this great product a touch of peppermint is added to provide a little zing to the feel when applied and SPF protection ingredients are added to give a level of 15+ sun protection. Its hard to imagine that people flood praise on such a simple product but the companies CEO, Mark Linford, says the product continually amazes in terms of consumer feedback.

“It’s a hidden gem in our product range that’s for sure. It might be our smallest product in terms of real estate area it takes up on a counter, but the feedback we get from consumers on email and social media is phenomenal. It’s a great ground breaker for our uniquely Outback product range.”

Available in a convenient counter display box of 36, the product takes up less that 6 inches of counter space and is the perfect impulse counter purchase.

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