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The Tikit, Chromed Steel Bottle Opener & Seat Belt Silencer.
The Tikit is a patented new product that combines a bottle opener with a seat belt silencer! Insert the Tikit into the seat belt receiver of any new vehicle and the annoying reminder lights and sounds will no longer be an headache! This product is intended to be used in the passenger seat of a vehicle when it is occupied by a pet or heavy object that trips the sensors.

The Tikit LLC announces the launch of its debut new product, the Tikit. This patent pending innovation is a 2 in 1 bottle opener & seat belt silencer. It’s unlike anything else on the market and solves a common problem that affects millions of Americans on a daily basis. The Tikit is designed to safely fit in the seat belt receptacle of all newer vehicles stopping the annoying lights and sounds produced by the vehicle when the seat belt is not used.

CEO Michael Spinosa says “The Tikit will benefit almost anybody who owns or operates a vehicle. I personally use the Tikit every time I take my dog, Scooter, for a ride in the truck. Riding shotgun Scooter would always trip the seat’s sensor causing the reminder lights to flash and the beeps to sound! This was not a very pleasant experience when joy riding with my best friend. Now after designing the Tikit this is no longer an issue, rides are more relaxing and I take Scooter with me more often! Our goal bringing this product to market is to improve our customers’ lives by allowing them to fully enjoy the time spent in their vehicles.”

The Tikit can be used when travelling with pets, or heavy objects like groceries in the passenger seat. At 2.75” long and 1.50” wide the Tikit is also a very impressive little bottle opener! It’s extremely comfortable and efficient making it much easier to use than traditional key chain bottle opener products.

The Tikit will be sold individually at an affordable price so customers of all income levels and geographical regions can benefit from it. Designed and engineered for the greatest value the Tikit is forged from 1/8” thick steel them chrome plated for a long lasting and attractive finish. There are less expensive materials available but as a true American company we believe in building products that last. Customers can expect many years of dependable use out of each one. Adding even more value, the manufacturing process, packaging and distribution have all been carefully designed to keep costs down while maintaining quality and performance. The Tikit positions itself in the market by competing with traditional key chain bottle openers in cost while blowing them away in performance. There is literally no competition. 

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