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I love that we not only offer our traditional, sporty packaging which is performing phenomenally in the market, but that we also have our Duck Commander line for those retailers who know that this packaging will be a big hit with their customers.
Go Time energy shots are the new go-to energy shots for millennial consumers who are reaching for something better in the energy shot category.

With the energy shot category stagnating in the market, the industry can’t help but wonder… Why the stall-out? Go Time Energy Shots are ready to not only answer that question, but solve the problem.

There’s no denying the popularity of energy shots among older millennial consumers who are facing life’s big transitions. What else gets us through the early months of a newborn baby, our higher education, or our big work projects like an instant shot of energy? We toss back a shot, wince at the taste, and buckle up for a heavily caffeinated, anxiety-charged hyper-drive. The novelty of these shots from our early adulthood has worn off, and they’ve now become so… utilitarian. 

That answers, in part, the question that everyone in our industry is asking, “Why aren’t the powerful, younger millennial consumers following suit?”

Studies show that younger millennials are as keen on the instant gratification of an energy shot; however, they’re proving to be a pickier crowd. These consumers want a product that tastes good, works well, and gives them something more than a nervous, wakeful edge to gut through the day. The younger millennials want to enjoy a life full of excitement, and they want their products to be good for them too.

Go Time energy shots are rising to meet these challenges head-on. They’ve replaced barely palatable flavors with never-before-seen fruit flavors, and Watermelon Burst tops the sales charts. Instead of a heavily caffeinated jolt, Go Time provides a balanced blend of energy and mental clarity equipping consumers with the perfect edge to take on activities like surfing huge waves, partying all night, or crushing final exams. And they’re doing it sugar-free, at 5 calories, and without an abrupt crash. 

Furthermore, Go Time knows that younger millennials are heavily influenced by social media, and they leverage this knowledge to drive sales to their retailers. Celebrity endorsements, athletic event sponsorship, and YouTube commercials all work together to influence consumers before they get to the stores.

With such a promising product reaching an untapped consumer-base, we can’t help but wonder if the category will stagnate much longer.

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