Insignia, Manufacturer Of Steam Showers And Hydro Massage Showers Offers Innovation Combined With Quality and Great Price

Insignia is an Exclusive Manufacturer of Steam Showers and Hydro massage showers.

As the premier UK based manufacturer, the company has made its mark on the industry through their high quality products, visionary outlook and innovative solutions that differentiate the entire Insignia range from their competitors. In a short period of time the company has earned a reputation of trust and quality among their distribution network and their customers spread across the entire UK. The company believes that it is their visionary innovation that has enabled them to reach the status of UKs fastest growing shower cabin brand, specialising in steam and hydro-massage shower cabins and enclosures.

About the Innovative aspect of their manufacturing and business, an Insignia spokesperson said: “We design, research, develop and build, all from the start of each product we sell. We know of no other company in our field who spends this much time or money in these vital areas. Every facet from start to finish is covered to bring our customers into contact with not only a technological advanced product but both in style and practicality to add that “wow” factor to any bathroom.”

The Insignia users and retailers agree that the Insignia brand is one of the most trusted brands on the market today. The brand has focused on providing exceptional value to their entire supply chain which involves supplementing the quality of their products with great customer service. They offer a warranty on each of their products and 30 day telephone support. Their standard of customer care service is one of the unique attributes on offer, amongst others.

The spokesperson further explained: “Based in the UK our Customer Service team have set themselves what are normally impossible targets for others to achieve. What’s more this was THE FIRST of its kind in our market. Open 8.00am to 7.00pm Monday – Friday they are there to answer and correct any warranty claim a customer may have and in the fastest possible time. Currently our reply time is less than THREE HOURS not two days as the consumers have come to expect.”

As the appreciation of steam showers and hydro massage showers grows, the company aims to provide their reputable high product standards at a much more affordable cost than what their competitors are asking for. The company believes that the benefits of steam showers and hydro massage showers should not be limited to only a few.


Insignia Products are the UKs fastest growing steam and shower cabin brand specialising in steam and hydro-massage shower enclosures. In a very short time Insignia has come from concept to reality, taking the UK market by storm. Every day, more and more high street shops and Internet websites join their growing list of dealers, providing a better and better service.

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Insignia is a trading name of Bath Depot.


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