The Day to Day Life of a Recovering Addict

Addiction can be overcome one day at a time.
So many of the fears and concerns that people have before going to recovery are manifestations of their anxiety about the change they are confronting.

For a person who has been abusing a substance for a long period of time, the separation from that drug is all at once a physical change, a mental adjustment and an emotional loss.  There are wonderful things waiting for the addict who completes a recovery treatment program.  Better health is just one small aspect of the centered, self-aware and accepting life that is on the other end of recovery.  But getting to the treatment center and working through these fears is something that most people have to cope with.

During the intake process, the recovery professionals will take the patient’s clothing and other personal belongings, and a medical exam will be taken to determine the patient’s fitness for treatment.  During this time, if the patient has been accompanied by family or loved ones, the administrative staff will be available to discuss payment arrangements and insurance.  The best premier addiction recovery treatment facilities work very closely with the primary insurance carries in the country, and most of the recovery program is generally going to be paid for by the insurance of the patient.  However, in cases where there is not insurance available, many recovery treatment facilities will offer financing options that can take the burden of the cost of treatment out of the picture.  Fears about the expense of addiction recovery are common, but the cost is generally covered for those who have medical health insurance.  For others, it is easy to gain financing for this worthy investment in the future.  This part of the process does not take a long time, and the patient will be released from the medical exam fairly quickly.

Once the patient is left with the inpatient or residential recovery treatment professionals, the family or loved ones can keep in touch with the patient in a variety of ways.  The facility may allow the patient to make periodic phone calls during the recovery process, to write letters or emails, and possibly to use Skype or other video chat software to phone home.  There are programs that emphasize the value of being removed from the home during recovery.  Even these programs generally offer a structured and realistic amount of time to touch base during the program.

The day to day life of the patient in an addiction recovery treatment facility will be full of activities.  There will be educational programs about drug and alcohol abuse, because the addict who fully understands their disease is less likely to relapse.  There will be one on one psychotherapy sessions that will help the patient understand their own underlying motivations for addiction.  There will be group therapy, as well, which will allow the patient to gradually regain their social skills including developing healthy boundaries and trust.  Because some people learn best experientially, the program the patient is in may offer outings and other opportunities for hands-on learning.


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