Holistic Methods to Treat Anxiety

Holistic methods to assist in treating anxiety and panic attacks.
Medical research has been a wonderful source of innovative and surprisingly simple to execute holistic (drug free) remedies for anxiety. There are many people who suffer from addiction who also suffer from debilitating anxiety. It is recommended to learn as many simple methods and techniques as possible, so that you can begin to experience relief from this often debilitating condition.

Chamomile Tea or Capsules

Penn State University studies showed a remarkable improvement in the 8 week trial they did with patients suffering from debilitating anxiety. Chamomile in capsule form was given to the patients for several weeks. While 220 mg was enough for 50% of the participants to noticeably benefit within the first 2 weeks of the trial, there were patients who reported no real improvement. On these patients, the dose was increased over the remainder of the 8 week trial, until they did report improvements.  Not only did these patients reduce their anxiety, the amount of benefits reported continued to improve over the course and after the trial was complete. You can make chamomile tea as well, which has a clean refreshing flavor and may become the highlight of the day. If you are a gardener, you can even grow your own chamomile for the freshest possible source.

Fish Oil (Omega 3)

An Israeli study found that patients saw a significant reduction in their anxiety levels in a trial that added fish oil to their daily diet. Sleep habits improved as a result, and they reported better mental states as a result of this simple supplement to the diet.

Essential Oils Can Help

Lavender is often mentioned as a calming oil to use either for massage, or just inhaling the scent from an infuser, or by putting a drop in the palm of the hand. Another essential oil that has a good reputation for a calming agent is oil of Vanilla. At the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, trials were done involving patients who were experiencing anxiety before and during MRI scans. The use of the oil in the air resulted in lowering the anxiety of these patients by a whopping 63% during their treatments and procedures.

Adequate Rest:  

Some ways to help create a restful and adequate night’s sleep might be:

• Remove electronic devices from your bedroom

• Place room darkening blinds on the windows especially if they are sources of artificial light at night

• A gentle room fan can provide white noise to damp out noises like the refrigerator or furnace going on and off all night, etc

• Talk to your doctor about using natural melatonin as a night time relaxant

• Use pillows which are allergen free, and properly support your body type and especially your neck. Speak to a chiropractor for more suggestions for comfort


• Regular exercise is proven to release feel good chemicals into the blood stream

• Take a short walk or other gentle exercise, once or twice daily

• After exercise get a gentle massage to release muscular tension

• A calming soak in a warm mineral bath can be wonderfully relaxing

Research Based On Your Specific Needs

Do some research and find what supplements and other strategies might work for you, and always seek the medical advice of your care giver to help you make the most correct choices for your personal circumstances.

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