Anti Anxiety Drugs vs Holistic Methods of Treatment

Addiction to anxiety medication is popular in 2015
There has been an alarming trend in addiction to pharmaceutical drugs which are apparently designed for the management of anxiety, but not treatment, as per the FDA drugs can not be factually considered to cure anything, including anxiety. These drugs are known as tranquilizers, or benzodiazepines.

Benzo drugs have been around for many decades, so they are nothing new. What is new, however, is the skyrocketing rate at which they are dispensed. The pharmaceutical companies have been ruthless in their use of huge marketing budgets to make these drugs seem harmless and more useful than they actually are.

Anti anxiety Drugs Over-Prescribed

Currently, there are millions of people in the US alone who are addicted to benzodiazepine drugs and yet, are still suffering from anxiety. This is a glaring red flag, which many drug addiction treatment centers are paying attention to.

Mixing Opiates and Benzo Drugs Can be Fatal

Many heroin addicts have also become addicted to anti anxiety drugs, as this protocol became pushed in on the heroin treatment world, just as other opiate drugs like methadone and Oxycontin have become over-promoted and over- prescribed.  

Nine out of every 10 heroin addicts I  talk to on the phone have multiple drug addictions, many of which came after their heroin was `treated` with more drugs. This is a trend which holistic methods can successfully correct, but it is better not to cause the problem in the first place.  

Those especially still struggling with opiate addiction should make themselves aware of the dangers of adding benzo drugs to their heroin habit. Benzos make opiates much more potent in the system and are likely to cause overdose or death due to the body completely shutting down.

Examples of Anti Anxiety Drugs

You may know these drugs by name, many are household words currently:

• Xanax

• Clonazapam

• Diazepam

• Atavan

There are hundreds of these benzodiazepine drugs under various names.

Valid Uses for Benzodiazepine Drugs

There are valid uses for benzo drugs, such as to keep an alcoholic patient from presenting seizures or heart attack or stroke during detox.  Without these drugs to keep the heart rate fairly even and flat, there is a high risk of death when a person stops alcohol abruptly.

Benzo drugs have also been found useful for short periods of time where anxiety is so severe that it is causing other risks in the patient suffering from, for instance,  sleep deprivation, hyperventilation, or other severe conditions.

Over Prescribing Benzos is Dangerous

What has been now proven without a doubt, is that benzo drugs, while they do have a place in specific medical interventions, have been over prescribed for  decades as a management tool for what is now named Anxiety Disorder.  

The problem with using anti anxiety drugs (as they are now commonly referred to) to manage anxiety is that they are extremely addictive drugs.  Best practices now limit doctors to prescribing for as short a period as possible.  The longest period a patient should ever be taking benzo drugs is now 3 weeks.  The more conservative prescription should last for several days to 2 weeks.  

After this period of time, the patient will experience rebound anxiety and have potentially life threatening withdrawal symptoms. Physicians are now being advised by their medical licensing boards to strictly adhere to these limited uses of benzo drugs.  Patients and doctors alike need to be aware of this vital information concerning the prescribing of these very potent and potentially life threatening drugs.  Talk to your doctor about   holistic ways to treat anxiety today.

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