Anti Depressant Drugs vs Holistic Methods of Treatment. Which is More Successful?

Depression as a diagnosis has become a common household word. The diagnosis of depression includes a broad spectrum of ailments, such as sadness, “the blues”, lack of motivation, feeling a lingering unhappiness about life or maybe just feeling generally sad, but about nothing specific. It is a general term, which makes prescribing antidepressant drugs seem an appropriate “no brainer” for multiples of hundreds of complaints.

The drug companies who produce the drugs in the class known as “antidepressants” is providing thousands of new pharmaceutical drugs designed to manage depression. Later uses of these drugs (off label as it is called) began to include anxiety, headaches, trouble sleeping, arthritis, and many hundreds more.

The FDA tells us that drugs cannot cure anything. So doctors are sold on prescribing a drug which can’t cure depression, but only manage it. The FDA is also clear in stating that no one knows how exactly antidepressant drugs work.

Holistic Methods of Eradicating Depression

There are holistic (meaning here drug free) methods of actually treating depression, but unfortunately  these are not promoted nearly as widely as are  pharmaceutical drugs. Since they are not promoted widely, a patient has to seek them out usually through holistic doctors, clinicians and personal research.  

NOTE:  Part 2 of this article will outline some of the most reported as successful holistic methods of eradicating depression.

Some Common Antidepressant Drugs:

• Paxil

• Prozak

• Zoloft

• Elavil

There are literally thousands of these drugs, and as the FDA reports, it is not actually known how any of them work.  

Studies out of the Mayo Clinic Show Alarming Trend

The Mayo Clinic, a quite well respected medical center, has actually recommended the use of antidepressants for other conditions as well, even though no one knows exactly how they work.  Some of the most alarming ones are:

• Headache pain reliever

• Relief from arthritis

• Relief from back pain

And so on.

What really makes this an alarming trend, is that antidepressant drugs are responsible for a large percentage of suicides and attempted suicides and other extremely horrific side effects.  

Some Side Effects of Antidepressants:

• Here is a partial list of the known and reported side effects of the type of drug known as the Tricyclic antidepressants: (Elavil, Asendin, etc)

• An overdose is serious and potentially lethal and requires immediate medical attention.

• Symptoms develop within an hour of ingestion and may start with rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils, flushed face, agitation, confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures, irregular heart rate, heart attack, respiratory failure,  death

• FDA had to place a black box suicide warning on every package sold.

MAOI  Antidepressant Drug  Side Effects (Marplan, Nardil, etc)

• Risk of dangerously high blood pressure, especially if certain foods or other medications are consumed. Most patients are instructed to carry an antidote such as nifedipine, in case they begin to experience elevated blood pressure while on these antidepressant drugs.

• FDA had to place a black box suicide warning on every package sold

• Birth defects if taken while pregnant

• And many more side effects

SSRI Antidepressant Drug Side Effects (Paxil, Prozak, etc)

• If taken while pregnant can cause severe birth defects

• FDA had to place a black box suicide warning on every package sold due to the number of related suicides to these drugs.

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