“Modern Christianity is based on tradition, not the Word of God” the surprising allegation of a former pastor

THINK RED INK by Don C Harris – an expose’, an indictment, a solution.

NEW MEXICO – Sept. 11, 2015 – Author Don C Harris reveals insider secrets in his latest book, THINK RED INK, an autobiography published by Areopagus Publishing.  As many who struggle with Christianity, Harris was plagued by an inability to accept the illogical explanations of traditional Christianity, he quit. For 20+ years Don C Harris traveled to all 48 contiguous states as well as to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria and Israel looking for answers.  The recent Pew Study “America’s Changing Religious Landscape” confirms this is not an isolated problem.  People are leaving church, in some cases, opting out altogether.  Harris encounters these common issues in his autobiography.

An Expose

Modern Christianity is not based on the Word of God.  The natural tendency of Harris to doubt, to require logic and a relationship with God that was not alien to a thinking man, led him on a quest for truth. The process of applied honesty reveals the short-falls of commonly accepted Christian practices.  THINK RED INK presents Harris’ life discoveries through the eyes and understanding of a trusting child who did not realize his journey would lead to a vetting of modern Christianity.  

An Indictment

“Help! The Bible is ruining my religion.” Harris found the contradictions commonly held by Christians of various cultures, led not to wholeness but to dependence and division. “Modern, conventional church mostly teaches doctrines of men.”  Harris describes in THINK RED INK how his confrontation with the theories of various church denominations led to a revolutionary awakening.  “The message of the gospel is bigger than denominational guidelines or doctrines,” said Don C Harris, author of THINK RED INK, “where some aspects of the message of Christ are emphasized and others excluded.”

A Solution

What did Jesus say?  Harris’ journey provides a map for others who will not interpret the failure of man’s institutions to be the non-existence of God. 

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Don C Harris Amazon Author Page – Pre-sale

THINK RED INK is available for pre-saleon Amazon and will be available in all major retailers on Sept. 15, 2015.  The book is available in three formats; color print book ISBN:  978-0-9792829-6-6 ($24.99); black/white print book ISBN:  978-0-9792829-8-0 ($14.99); and kindle e-book ($4.99).  Harris traces the steps of his personal story.  His early desire to know God and to serve as a pastor; his frank disappointment in himself, church leaders and the inadequate answers of traditional religion and a strong commitment to believe what he read in the Bible allowed Don to replace fantasy with truth. 

For over 10 years, Don C Harris has lived applying the principal of think red ink; i.e. considering “What did Jesus say?”  He has discovered the ability to handle the problems life dishes out and he wants to share it with the world.  There is much to realize, however, the key can be found in these three simple steps:

1. Keep the commandments (all of them).

2. Take time every day to meditate (listen) in prayer.

3. Never, ever violate your conscience.

“Jesus ministered to people in their daily lives, with relevant, useful information. My desire is for others to see that the God of the Scriptures and His Son are bigger and more applicable to life than mere words on a page,” said Harris. “Ironically, the only tangible way to quantify this truth is through the Scriptures, and more specifically (but not exclusively) the red words.”  

About Don C Harris

Based on a thoroughly Biblical foundation, THINK RED INK could only be written by a man who is free from allegiances and obligations. An insider privy too many of the escapades and shenanigans employed to build congregations calling it church; to build hope and call it faith. One day God came out of the book asking, “If what you believe is not true, do you want to know it?”   

Don C Harris is founder of Think Red Ink Ministries and the host of the daily Think Red Letter Edition – LIVE! radio program http://www.thinkredink.tv. He resides near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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