Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin Addiction Rates Soaring Again

Drug rates are soaring in 2015
Mexican drug cartels are feeding the USA with methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin in such large volumes that US Coast Guard, and other Drug Enforcement Agencies are overwhelmed with the amounts of illicit drugs that are being brought across the border into California and along the coastal areas. They are seizing vast quantities, but they also know that they are only scratching the surface of what is being brought in.

Millions and millions of dollars worth of contraband drugs have been seized in the last few months alone. The US Coast Guard has a dedicated team of surveillance personnel who watch the coastal areas for what look like suspicious vessels. They work ceaselessly, and thoroughly and are receiving much deserved praise for their successes.

Drug Cartels Are Deviously Inventive

The cartels have been using some extremely inventive ways to keep the drug smuggling pipelines going. The most traditional way that illicit drugs have been and are being brought in is using by people who are hired to be carriers (called drug mules).

These are desperate and usually impoverished individuals who bring the drugs into the country on their person, hidden in their luggage, or hidden in vehicles that are designed with hidden compartments for smuggling the drugs in.  If they are caught, it is not only their own life that is in danger. The cartel will also threaten to or actually kill their mule`s family back home to make sure things keep quiet.

Submarines, Drones, Sewage Pipelines

Other methods that have been recently exposed have also included large submarine like boats, which are capable of bringing in voluminous amounts of drugs. These almost fully submersible boats are hard to spot, even from the air, due to their being painted blue to camouflage them.

Another method that has recently surfaced utilizes drug tunnels that are situated in small border towns. Some of these are part of the International Sewage Pipes that flow under the border. The drugs are placed in the sewage pipes and sent along to positions where they can be intercepted. When the pipes burst, as does happen, the smell of the sewage is pretty unmistakable evidence of smugglers have used these pipes for moving product.  

Perhaps the newest way to move drugs over the border is the use of drones. One was reported discovered after it crashed recently, and was discovered to be carrying a quantity of meth. The cartels are thought to be developing larger drones, capable of bringing in much more quantity than previously possible.

Drug Cartels Killing and Maiming For Billions

Addiction is being promoted heavily right now in the US (and elsewhere) for one reason.  It is extremely profitable. The illicit drug industry uses violent and devious means to operate. Profitable is not synonymous with evil. But when the profits are stemming from death and destruction from proliferating addiction, that means nothing BUT evil.

Let us keep in mind then, we are battling an evil industry and the goal of winning is the lives of our young people and our loved ones. That makes the game worth winning.


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