Reactor Entertainment announces Psypher, a new innovative Trading Card Game

Reactor Entertainment Inc., comprised of industry veterans are creating the next evolution of TCG’s which blends role playing games elements inside a strategy card game.

Montreal, QC – Psypher (, a brand new Digital Trading Card Game, is ready to unveil their first public content to the press. Psypher is set in a post-apocalyptic world where two factions battle over a simple concept: Evolution. One believes that anything is legitimate to move to the next stage, while the other is adamant on staying pure and true to nature. Psypher’s innovative concepts and features sets it apart from the conventional DTCG’s currently available.

While players familiar or not with other TCG’s will easily get the hang of Psypher, it bring quite a few unique twists to the genre. In Psypher, the player takes on the role of a “Leader” which invokes powerful troops and abilities to defeat his opponents. One thing that sets us apart is the Invasion mode. A mode where 4 players will join a queue to battle 3v1. The player playing the “Boss” will have an overpowered deck and the team of 3 players will have to use every tricks up their sleeves to defeat this massive foe! Additionally Psypher will feature an in-game leveling system that makes the Leader grow in power, a new take on the classical resource system which puts players in control of their game rather than being “Land Starved or Flooded” based on luck, missions that can be completed during the game to trigger powerful effects, player clans, auction house.

Psypher is planned to be a free to play game with options for the players who wishes to pay to buy packs and tournament entries but with plenty of ways to acquire the cards and play for free. Psypher is currently in early development and is planned to go in beta Q3 2016.


Reactor Entertainment is an independent video games studio comprised of veteran video game developers and competitive trading card gamers based in Montreal, Canada. Our core team have worked on award winning games franchise like Assassin’s Creed, Farcry, How to Train Your Dragon, and many more. We have a very strong passion for video games and as much for trading card games and we are currently working on our dream game project, Psypher.

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