Anderson Announces Run for 2016 US Presidential Election, Snowden As Vice President

Californian congressman Alex Anderson announced that he will be running for 2016 Presidential, he will be entering the field, challenging Bush and Trump for the Republican nomination. With the announcement of his presidential bid, he also launched his program “America is Now” and is Snowden as his vice President, which further cements one of his manifesto’s prime focuses – the preservation of freedom and privacy.

Anderson proposed Edward Snowden for the role of vice-President in a recently uploaded video. The video titled “Yes I’m Running” starts off with Anderson’s announcement of his bid for 2016 presidency. He aims to enter the field to run for the Republican nomination on the 8th November 2016’s Presidential elections. The newly launched video marks the inauguration for the Anderson – Snowden Campaign. He further goes on to provocatively explain to the audience his motivation and reasons for the recommendation of Snowden, he said: “I am convinced; he would be an excellent President because of his courage, selflessness and love for his Nation.”

The 2016 US Presidential Elections will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election when the country makes a historic decision that will not only impact the United States of America and its policies but also the entire world. There is a strong consensus among the nation’s population that US is in need of a strong leadership that can guide US through the challenges it currently faces and steer the nation towards a more promising future. In his video Anderson presents all his strong points, including a plan to re-launch the economy, a concept he has named “New Reaganomics” in his program. Through this plan he hopes to bring back wealth and prosperity back to the middle class. He also highlights the strong point of all his political commitment: Freedom

Anderson made an all American entrance waving a Stars and Stripes on a Harley Davidson on his arrival at the San Pedro committee. At the end of his speech to his supporters, he said: “I tell you, we can, I tell you we have to build together a new American miracle for us and our children.”

Watch the video HERE and read AMERICA IS NOW, Alex Anderson’s whole program HERE


Alex was born thirty-nine years ago in the heart of Los Angeles, and grew up in San Pedro. After graduating from Yale, Alex got a PhD in International law and economics and, after only a few months, passed the exam becoming the youngest District Attorney of whole California. In the Mid-term elections of 2010, beating Democrat Trevor Spencer thanks to an election campaign based on personal contact and the use of social networks, Alex was elected in district no. 436 of the US Congress, and in 2014 was re-elected for the third consecutive time and, during these last months.

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