Attendees Celebrate the Relaunch of the Real Estate Investors Association of NYC on September 9, 2015

The September 9th, 2015 relaunch of the REIA NYC website and brand was well received by REIA NYC members, corporate partners, and all associated with the Association

The Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) relaunch and networking party was well received by all who attended. Members of the REIA NYC, NYC and Long Island chapters reported enjoying the event and all it had to offer. They were stunned by the diversity and knowledge of their fellow members, and were happy to meet one another in a comfortable and friendly face-to-face environment.

Paul Bodley said, “I actually had butterflies in my stomach when I saw the room packed to capacity with new investors side by side with seasoned investors. The evening was a flawless reveal of the future direction of REIA NYC.”

Other attendees, like Sandra Ferrari, were excited to celebrate with Dr. Teresa R. Martin and the REIA NYC team. She said, “The presentation by Dr. Martin of the benefits available to the members of the association were enough to entice everyone to join REIA NYC. The educational program that it offers, the support of the REIA are attributes that every REIA should have. Most importantly, the number of members actively doing deals is unbelievable. REIANYC is the REIA to be part of if you want to be a successful real estate investor.”

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, the founder of REIA NYC and an accomplished investor and lawyer, welcomed everyone to the event, and congratulated the attendees on its success. “Like every other program or event that REIA NYC puts on, it is the members that make it such a success. It has been a pleasure meeting and talking to each and every one of you, and I hope to meet with more of you all in the future.”

The highlight of the night was when Dr. Teresa R. Martin spoke about real estate investment and personalized strategies that each attendee could use in their own investment portfolios. Throughout the event, speakers, attendees, and corporate partner representatives discussed investment techniques and strategies and truly embraced the community aspect of the relaunch party.

In addition to the warm in-person reception, REIA NYC and WISE members praised the new digital layout of the REIA NYC website. With added features to give members more resources and online help, the website rebranding and relaunching was also considered a huge success.

Overall, the REIA NYC relaunching and networking party was enjoyed by all, and members walked away ready to tackle their next real estate investment challenge and embrace their new and improved membership benefits provided exclusively for REIA NYC Members. As attendee Sharon Clarke proclaimed, “REIA NYC 2.0 is Bigger, Better, and Badder!!!”


The Real Estate Investors Association of NYC was founded by Dr. Teresa R. Martin to provide an encouraging network of entrepreneurs to develop real estate-based personal finance skills. Now, with its relaunch and rebranding, REIA NYC is cultivating more members than ever before and is thriving as an organization.


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