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Launched in 2013, The world of fashion, beauty, and style is now entirely at your fingertips in the online magazine, Fab Five Lifestyle. This trailblazing new publication has something for everyone. With constantly updated features, the latest news on beauty products, grooming tips, fashion trends and who the biggest stars are wearing, is consistently relevant and intriguing to readers. Fab Five Lifestyle keeps up with the fast-moving pace of the fashion and beauty world and connects men and women to only the most fabulous, and current information.

The journey of the website began when the creator of Fab Five Lifestyle, Lela Christine, initiated and secured a print news column deal in 2013 to create style news and reviews at a few local newspapers in Los Angeles that became a overnight success. The signature column expanded within less than 3 months into the digital world of Fab Five Lifestyle online. Now website is run by a team of highly competent style influence community of writers, whose lives revolve around their respective categories of interests. According to the team The added plus factor of their platform is sharing spotlights on stylish, new cosmetic launches and a broad range of women’s interest topics that keep any woman and or man in the know of what’s new, this feature is especially beneficial for the small designers or creators who are doing great work but are unable to capture the attention of their target audience.

Readers will not only stay up-to-date on what their favorite celebrities are wearing and designing, but Fab Five Lifestyle introduces them to innovative products and advice so they can lead lives as fabulous and stylish as their fashion icons. The site features simple to navigate tabs such as Fab Five Hollywood that features the latest happenings where beauty, fashion, and Hollywood meet, Fab Beauty that reviews beauty products that the team has personally tried and approves, Fab Secrets that gives readers tips and tools for readers to shop, dress, and groom like professionals, Hair Glam that encompasses any and all products and methods for getting flawless hair, Men Style that gives men grooming tips, and The Designer that features expert and up-and-coming designers as well as Editor and staff favorites in beauty and fashion.

It’s all about the fabulous life of style. Each week, our style news team places global focus on Style & Beauty for Women and Grooming & Style for Men.

We spotlight the best brands offered at specialty stores, department stores, online fashion boutiques, new beauty brands, top products men can use to support their daily grooming needs, best shoes at the right price, accessories, and in general any and all great new and exciting brands that will captivate and connect with our reader. Join us live daily.

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