Inspiration from Special After-sales Activity \”Imagination from Airwheel olden technologies Self-Balancing 2 wheels scooters Users\”

Intelligent self-balancing scooters become more and more popular these days. The industry is working on improving standards. Apart from traditional competitive factors, individuation and differentiation become more important in user experience. Ideas are not always generated by technicians or designers, sometimes they can be captured and extracted from advices of a normal customer. So listening to the voice of customers is a necessary task for the industry.

On August 25, with the aim of getting closer to final customers and improving the whole series of intelligent self-balancing scooter in all aspects, Airwheel initiated a special after-sales activity called “Imagination from Airwheel Users”. After-sales department collected advices of customers by E-mail. 1000 mails were sent to old customers and potential customers, and the company got 587 replies, the response rate is totally beyond expectation.

Although most of the old customers highly praised their Airwheel electric scooter, they still offer many valuable suggestions.

Unexpectedly, traditional items about weight, speed, battery capacity are not the central topic this time. Customers pay more attention to individuation and the rate amounts to 62%. Among all the suggestions, the representative ones are as below:

1. Set an alarm device: when there is an obstacle like a stone in front, the alarm device works by giving an alarm and speeding down.

2. Cameraman needs the function similar to cruise control system to be added to one-wheel scooter: (Q1, Q3, Q5) Then when they could set a speed value, like 15KM/H, the scooter runs in that constant speed. This will help cameraman catch stable images.

3. More functions to be added to the LED Screen, like navigator to two-wheeled electric self-balancing scooter (A3, S3, S5).

4. Design a simple gadget where people could place their mobile phones beside the LED screen.

5. More colors can be chosen.

The hundreds of comments collected by this activity are great motive power for R&D department. In the sum-up meeting, the manager said Airwheel would try to cover most customer’s requirements, but the road of creation has no limit. Individuation and differentiation competition will be more brutal and even become the focus in near future. With more and more agents joining Airwheel, the content of after-sales services should be enriched.

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