Bolt knocked down by Scooter – Airwheel good quality Intelligent Self-Balancing electric unicycle does better.

At the 15th IAAF World Championships in Beijing, famous sprinter Usain Bolt was knocked down by a self-balancing scooter when he celebrated winning the champion. From the angle of designing, there’s always a way to prevent this. The dramatic scene gives inspiration on how to improve the intelligent self-balancing scooters in future.

Who can beat Usain Bolt in Bird Nest (Beijing National Stadium)? Justin Gatlin, No! USA Team, No! But a cameraman did that! 

At the 15th IAAF World Championships in Beijing, Bolt won the 200m championship. After the competition, he was lost in celebrating. But surprisingly, a cameraman who drove self-balancing scooterknocked down Bolt accidentally. Luckily, Bolt was not hurt, and he led his team to win 4*100m.

Seeing from the video, the cameraman was concentrating on his work. Though the two-wheeled scooter was not running fast, it was too late to slow down when he found Bolt was in front of him. 

Airwheel technicians also analyzed the video and had a special meeting for this. Accidents are usually caused by two reasons: driver’s carelessness and obstacles on the road. Is it possible to prevent accidents or reduce accident rate by improving the electric scooter? 

Airwheel technicians gave the positive answer. As for the concept of safety, there is huge space to make progress and improvement. As for the episode of Bolt and electric self-balancing scooter, Airwheel analyzed on how to make it better. A technician suggested that strengthening the function of self-balance and reaction speed were the eternal tasks for the new products. Some technicians came up with a new solution, installing an obstacle-alarm system which will warn and trigger the brake system when the detecting service finds potential risks, like huge stones, passers-by and other obstacles. Maybe Airwheel will probe into the practicality of this solution.

At Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, electric self-balancing scooter got into people’s view in athletic field as an auxiliary photographic equipment. By now, it’s common to see intelligent self-balancing scooters including Airwheel becoming regular transport tools. The drama performed by Bolt and the cameraman advertised this tool successfully. But for Airwheel, it’s a meaningful lesson to be learned about improving the stability, practicability and safety of intelligent scooters.

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