3 Tips You Should Know About How to Boost Your Battery Life

Battery not lasting? Try the following three tricks to make your smartphone last longer.

Till now, iPhone 6 and its larger sibling, iPhone 6 Plus have become Apple’s best-selling devices ever and have made Apple the most profitable public company in the world, which means more and more people will get into charging trouble with their phones every night. Yes, here I come up with some tips about how to boost battery life and you can have a try.

It’s not an easy job to enhance running time of your smartphone more than 24 hours without charging. Why smartphones always consume full battery in a short time? Actually, new technology brings bigger and brighter screen to new smartphones along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G, which rapidly consume the limited power stored in the thinner battery. So, by following tips and changing some phone settings you will find it so easy to boost your battery life.

1. Decrease the amount of brightness

Bigger and colorful screen is one of most fatal feature why I choose a smartphone; however, it’s the battery’s mortal enemy. According to my personal experience, the display really consumes battery at first place with a devastating speed. Just to turn off the auto-brightness switch in your phone, of course you can turn your screen’s brightness down to a comfortable setting that you enjoy. Even you may not like to follow the other tips, please remember my suggestion on this one. Believe me, it really boosts your battery life dramatically.

2.  Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Yes, I know a people live in the modern life can hardly survival without Wi-Fi, but the ruthless truth here is that Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth are seriously a set of battery drainer. Remember to add the Wi-Fi switch onto your main screen to create an easy one-tap widget, and then you can shut down Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at any time you don’t need to use those high-efficient power drainers.

3.  Bring A Lightweight Powerful External Battery

Using tips to change phone’s setting is really a simple and easy way of boosting your battery. In fact, do not forget that you have another choice of portable Power Bank, which you can use to charge your phone on the go. Plus, if you have a popular smartphone, you may find there are specific cases which incorporate batteries to give you extra power at the expense of only a little more bulk and weight. The following two products from EasyAcc are highly recommended to be added to your buying-list for longer battery life.



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