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Car dealerships, healthcare service providers and even travel agencies rely on Alpha Customer Financing Solutions to offer value added funding options to their customers.

Roswell, Georgia – September 14, 2015 – It is common for businesses such as auto repair shops, travel clubs, furniture and electronic stores, veterinary clinics and even medical service providers to sell their products and services to customers on credit. With the help of consumer financing, or as it is also know “customer financing, businesses are able to boost sales, assist customers and bring in additional revenues immediately and not worry about repaying to the financing company.

Alpha Customer Financing Solutions is one such renowned consumer loan service provider, based out of the Atlanta Georgia, which supplies “no recourse” funding for clients or customers of the businesses they partner with. This means that after a service or product is financed, it is solely the responsibility of the team at Alpha Customer Financing to make sure that the buyer pays back the loan.

Alpha Customer Finance recognizes the unique needs of every industry and thus offers a variety of tailor-made solutions for the customers, consumers and clients of each business.

“We at Alpha Customer Financing Solutions have noticed that the increasing number of auto repair shops, electronic, furniture appliance and even mattress stores that advertise multiple financing options, including customer financing options for those with less than perfect credit, do better business than those who don’t. Financing options have increasingly become a necessity for individuals and families, who have less than perfect credit giving rise to hundreds of businesses competing with each other. We recognize that every value-added service each store, business, or medical practice offers eventually translates into added profit for that business,” says the CEO Lloyd Katz at Alpha Customer Financing Solutions.

In addition to boosting sales for most companies, Alpha specializing in becoming a financing partner for shops to provide auto repair for auto body work, transmission repair, brake repair, tune-ups, paint jobs, repair for car stereos and alarm systems along with tires and rims, Scooters and much more.

“Another area where we find a significant need gap is the healthcare industry. While there are a number of businesses that claim to offer medical patient financing services, most of them demand an impeccable credit rating. We at Alpha Customer Financing Solutions finance patients with a credit score as little as 550,” adds the Head of Business Development.

This way, not only are healthcare service providers able to create a whole new customer base for themselves by opening doors to financial support, but also help improve bottom lines while providing easy access to high quality medical procedures to a wider audience.

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Alpha Customer Financing is a leading service that works closely with a host of businesses to offer value added funding and financing options to their customers.

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