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Top Vancouver dental clinic Kerrisdale Dental is offering advanced & highly comfortable drill-less laser dental filling services. Added to general dentistry, the clinic also offers cosmetic, preventive and integrated cranio-facial dentistry.

Vancouver, British Columbia – September 14, 2015 – Leading reputed Vancouver dental clinic Kerrisdale Dental has announced to offer cutting edge drill-less laser filling service for those in need of tooth removal. The treatment requires no drilling and freezing.

“What separates us from regular dentists is our fast adoption of state of the art dentistry technologies. While other dentists around are still stuck to dental drill for dental fillings, our best dentist in Vancouver has taken to more comfortable hard tissue laser technology to fill up small cavities,” stated a senior spokesperson from the Vancouver clinic.

The WaterLase hard tissue laser technology deploys concentrated laser beam to evaporate tooth decay whilst one’s tooth gets cooled with water. It reduces the need of injections & aesthetic.

He continued, “In fact, our advanced drill-laser technology assures better preservation of tooth structure in comparison to drilling. It’s safe, gentle, can be completed in one visit and has no downtime, since there is no freezing, you can eat anything right away post the treatment.”

Kerrisdale Dental is an initiative by senior Vancouver dentist duo Dr. Abbas Tejani and Dr. Omar Kassam. While Dr, Tejani is a graduate from University of Bristol, Dr. Kassam has graduated from University of London and also holds a Master Degree in Laser dentistry.

“Our dentists here are backed by more than 55 years of experience and every year they take more than 200 hours of postgraduate education which is more than most of the dentists. They are obsessed with beautiful and functional dental work and assure very comforting & pain free treatment,” stated the clinic manager.

The clinic covers every branch of dental treatment, such as cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry & integrated cranio-facial dentistry – added to general dentistry.

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Kerrisdale Dental is a leading dental clinic in Vancouver that offers general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry & integrated cranio-facial dentistry.

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