CallsThatROCK CEO Puts Together Wall Street Crowdfunding Conference

PARSIPPANY, NJ – Sep 14, 2015 – Today, crowdfunding experts will convene in New York to engage Wall Street firms, institutions, hedge funds, family offices, and others in the private banking and high net worth world to discuss how equity-based crowd funding is more than a friends and family opportunity and what it can mean for the firms that properly position themselves.

“We are happy to be part of this event,” said Karl Schlegel, CEO of CallsThatROCK, a firm that is bringing cool to call center. “I believe that crowd funding is bringing personal engagement back into the picture and giving people access to participate in the creation of ideas in a more tangible manner than merely owning stock. People want recognition and crowd funding provides that. As it becomes easier to participate in equity-based crowdfunding, I believe that people are going to feel more of a sense of involvement as well as control than merely holding shares of a company through a transfer agent.” While enthusiastic about the benefits of equity-based crowdfunding, Schlegel also acknowledged the value that the market offers investors in terms of liquidity and a fast exit. He believes that Wall Street, advisory firms, headhunters, and law firms should take the opportunity seriously and position themselves to benefit. “Once equity-based crowdfunding goes into full effect under Title III of the JOBS Act, and becomes more open to friends and family participation, the successfully funded companies will be faced with turning vision into reality,” said Schlegel. “The firms that positon themselves to provide necessary services at affordable rates can benefit from the tidal wave of demand that will be created.” The Monday event will be a key step in raising awareness about the abundance of opportunity sitting on the doorstep. For Schlegel, this is in line with one the core beliefs that he and CallsThatROCK Chairman, Derek Gazal, have built the company on. “For us, business is all about people. People build great companies. People make the difference. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of this when dealing with real estate assets, IP, technology, etc.”

The event will feature a panel discussion with Joy Schoffler, Principal and Founder of Leverage-PR and board member of two of the most active professional crowdfunding organizations, Chris Tyrell, CEO of Offerboard and Chairman of the Crowdfunding Intermediaries Regulatory Advocates (CfIRA), and Georgia P. Quinn, a securities attorney specializing in crowdfunding at Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole and CEO of iDisclose, a web-based legal disclosure platform focused on the disclosure needs of small businesses and startup entrepreneurs accessing capital via crowdfunding. The panel will be led and moderated by Ziad Abdelnour, Chairman of the Financial Policy Council and CEO of Blackhawk Partners, a Private Family Office.

“Pre-registration for the event has set a record,” said Schlegel who, in addition to serving as CEO of CallsThatROCK, is Chairman of Events for the Financial Policy Council (FPC) and a board member. “We are looking forward to a great event and are already in discussions about including equity based crowdfunding as a key topic at future events for the FPC in 2016.”

About CallsThatROCK

CallsThatROCK is a call center services company bringing “cool to call center” offering Filipino and US based solutions. The company’s mission is to grow businesses by helping clients find and service new customers.

About the Financial Policy Council

The Financial Policy Council is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to financial policy education through private forums and events. The Council produces, hosts, and promotes events that educate the public about current affairs (domestic and global) and their impact economically. Former speakers have included leading economists, a cyber-security expert, US legislators, members of the media, and sought after business executives.

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