Pilates Guru Heather Brummett Launches PilatesPal

Pilates expert Heather Brummett has launched the new website PilatesPal to connect the Pilates family throughout the world with resources, instruction, and the latest information.

Heather Brummett has been involved in Pilates since 1991 and has been teaching classes since 2002. Recognizing that the growing worldwide group of followers of this discipline needed a centralized site with resources, information and opportunities to expand their work within the Pilates community, she has now launched a new website, PilatesPal that will unify support for all things related to Pilates.

PilatesPal, located at www.pilatespal.com, not only provides members with information about Pilates in general, but also helps them find Pilates studios and obtain scholarships to pay for a series of classes. There are also scholarships available for those who want to become instructors. The website also donates funds to the MPC Memorial Scholarship Fund at the University of Arizona in honor of Heather’s brother, Michael, and to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA.

The website offers information and resources including DVDs, equipment and machines, clothing and apparel and even upcoming workshops and conferences. Any topic related to health and wellness through the pursuit of Pilates can be found on the website as well as expert opinions and advice on proper form, how to locate a qualified instructor and how to choose machinery and other aids to improve Pilates practice.

The website also offers tips and tricks that anyone can use, no matter what level of Pilates he or she has reached. For example, Heather notes that one of the biggest benefits of Pilates is how it positively impacts posture. “Posture is key to life!” says Heather. “With correct posture and good bone stacking, we can breathe, think and move so many joints better than ever.  Try sitting up taller:  like a string pulling up the top of the back of your head every day.”

Finally, the website offers potential Pilates instructors a forum to find training and locate jobs. Qualified Pilates instructors can also post their services and reach out to local communities to provide training and instruction in their own geographic locations.

For more information, see the PilatesPal website.

About PilatesPal:

PilatesPal is a website designed to bring together the worldwide Pilates community of practitioners, instructors and service providers in one centralized resource. The website offers a wide range of products as well as providing instructors with the ability to locate jobs or advertise their services.

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