Hardwood Flooring Makes a Steady Comeback, Says Plymouth Flooring Consultant

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Solid hardwood floorings seems to be the preferred flooring surface for the tough Minnesota climate thanks to customers who’re realizing its inherent benefits

Plymouth, Minnesota – September 15, 2015 – Those in the knowhow about home design trend, report an upward trending graph for hardwood floors. They’re making a comeback says Plymouth flooring experts at Dream Floors.

“We’ve seen a steady rise in home remodeling projects involving hard surface flooring. Many upscale residential neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Twin Cities are clearly showing a preference for them thanks to their timeless quality and classic look,” says a spokesperson for Dream Floors.

In fact, wood was always the preferred choice in Minnesota. Centuries old homes with hardwood floors built by European settlers look great even today. They’re better suited to handle the vast fluctuations in Minnesota climate.

It was only until a few decades ago that the trend shifted towards laminates and tile/vinyl flooring. Laminates are great, especially for those walking the budget tightrope. They’re also ideal for homeowners who redecorate every so often. A majority of laminate floors today come with the simple and click-lock design system, making them easy to remove and install. But unlike hardwood, you cannot refinish it when the flooring succumbs to wear and tear. As for vinyl and tile floorings, these are popular but don’t match up with conventional flooring options.

In comparison, Hardwood flooring in Maple grove can be sanded and refinished several times. Homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell and fetch a higher price in the real estate market. They’re easy to maintain, not prone to house allergy causing elements, and are environment friendly as well.

“Sales for hardwood floors are up. In fact, many architects and designers we’ve collaborated show a preference for them,” adds the spokesperson.

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