Varnost Unveils Bespoke Turnstile Access System for Ultimate Security of Commercial Premises

Turnstile access systems are now chosen by some of the biggest Turkish corporations, manufactories and warehouses, following the steep rise in crime rate. Varnost recently unveiled an extensive collection of Turnstile systems.

Varnost, a newly founded access control system manufacturer in Turkey, recently started offering an extensive range of Turnstile systems including optical turnstile access systems, tripod turnstiles for stations and other public places, full-height turnstiles for factories and warehouses and swing gates. The company owners said that they have used state-of-the-art technologies for making the turnstile systems for commercial premises. They added that turnstile systems are the latest addition to the full array of access control systems that they offer.

Varnost has been operating in Turkey since 2014. The company is backed by a combined industry experience of more than a decade and runs under the leadership of some of the best minds in the industry today. The owners said that the turnstile gates are now being used by many Fortune 500 companies and these are actually made in compliance with the highest security standards. The owners said that the turnstile barrier gates are specifically designed for warehouses, factories and bigger premises. They even claimed that the turnstile access control systems are the best means to prevent intruders from entering business premises. They said that the best way to control access to a workplace is to have a turnstile system installed at the entryway and to customize the settings of the access systems.

“We are trying to become the global leader in manufacturing and installing turnstile access control systems. We have been manufacturing and designing both online and offline access control systems. As there is no legal restrictions for employers in Turkey and elsewhere, employers can easily install these systems at their premises to secure these places against intruders. Turnstile systems are at present the best-in-class access control systems that are being used across disparate industries. We want to take these products to many more industries so that they can also successfully ward off intruders,” said the CEO of Varnost, Mr. İlyas Kuzu. He also added that his company offers complete access system installation and upgrade services.

About the Company

Varnost is a Turkey based manufacturer of Turnstile access control systems, electronic locks and buttons, packing and barrier systems etc.

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