Interface Globe Acquires the Resale of TV Hotel and Hospitals by Philips, LG, and Samsung for Italy

Interface Globe currently manages more than 110,000 rooms in guest accommodations, Hotel chains of great prestige and Hospitals. The company has over one and a half decade of experience in the industry, during which they have maintain their pace with the technological and industrial advancements that enables them to provide the Hotels and Hospital TV solutions with the most up to date technology. Interface Globe has recently announced with great pride that they are now able to deliver Smart TV solutions to hotels and hospitals.

The company realizes that many great hotels go the extra length to ensure that their guest are able to enjoy most amenities that they are accustomed to using at home. A growing number of people are using smart television technology at home and are therefore expecting hotels to cater to this particular need.   Interface Globe with their penchant for offering the latest technology has developed a Smart TV solution suitable for hotels and hospitals. This TV hotel solution will allow hotels to offer connected TV functionality that enables guests browse the web, update Facebook receive up-to-date information such as hotel information, local services and more on the TV.

The solution uses Smart TVs from the leading brands including Smart TV Samsung. Interface Globe assures their customer of the most competitive rates in pricing, keeping the rates of their products and services at a reasonable affordable level assure that a wider range of customers can offer their guest with high standard of quality products that Interface Globe offers. The Smart TV amenity can be used by hotels as their competitive edge over other hotels. Only a handful of hotels have the capability to offer to its guest Smart TV functionality, this is mainly due to the nature of the technology which is more complicated in establishments like hotels rather than in homes. However, by partnering with Interface Globe’s smart TV solution hotels and hospitals will be able to provide this up to date technology to its guests for an affordable price.

The Interface Globe spokesperson said: “We are excited about the new solution we are offering to our esteemed customers, the Smart TV solution will enable our customers to give their guest the amenities they use at home. We have set up a partnership with key Smart TV brands and dealers that allows us to provide the latest technology from reliable brands for affordable prices.”


Interface Globe brand was founded in 2000 by Luke Interface Urates in Italy and is characterized by a series of technical, logistic and financial, supported the distribution of video projectors, TV and audio-visual equipment. The group Interface Globe currently manages more than 110,000 rooms in guest accommodations, Hotel chains of great prestige and Hospitals.

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