Creators of Greenhead Cleaning System Launch Kickstarter Campaign

The creators of the Greenhead Cleaning System, a unique multi-purpose cleaning tool, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for marketing of this unique item.

The Greenhead Cleaning System is a multi-purpose cleaning tool that can be used as a combination of water hose and vacuum to clean and detail vehicles.  The Greenhead uses a unique combination head that attaches to any wet vacuum to provide instant water cleaning as well as suction to clean the tight crevices of any car.  Now, the creators of this system have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for marketing and distribution.

“The Greenhead system was named after the stubborn greenhead flies that manage to get into any nook and cranny on a person and bite them quite aggressively,” says the creator. “In this same way, the Greenhead cleaning tool aggressively cleans and reaches any location with ease.”

The system originated as a way to detail cars without having to hold a vacuum and a hose at the same time. It allows the user to combine the strength of water hose wet cleaning with a powerful vacuum to immediately remove any moisture.  By simultaneously spraying water and vacuuming, the Greenhead allows users to quickly clean headliners, floor mats and tight crevices in any vehicle.  The system also includes a slide-on brush to scrub hard-to-reach surfaces.

Money raised through the Kickstarter campaign will provide resources to improve marketing materials and to fund the development of a website that will allow visitors to order a Greenhead system for themselves.

As seen at, the Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $1 to $9,995 and includes perks such as bracelets, t-shirts and complete Greenhead cleaning systems.  

For more information, see the Kickstarter page.

About the Greenhead Cleaning System:  

The Greenhead Cleaning System is a multi-purpose tool that attaches to any wet/dry vacuum system to provide both water and suction for cleaning in hard-to-reach spots on vehicles or in other locations.  Now, the creators of the Greenhead Cleaning System have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.


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