Studies Show that Outpatient Programs Lack Effectiveness for Recovering Drug Addicts

How effective are outpatient programs?
Drug addiction refers to an individual’s compulsion to use a particular drug. Drug addiction is a serious condition in which the addict has become so dependent on substances that they cannot perform daily life functions without using drugs. Addiction can create many social and mental issues for the individual, and create an upheaval in their life.

Many people believe that those who are addicted to substances can go back to their normal life if they get proper support; therefore researchers and medical professionals have devised several programs through which an addiction patient can attain full recovery.

Outpatient is a level of treatment that allows patients to live at their homes and remain in touch with their family, but attend the treatment facility at a certain time a number of days each week. It is less expensive than the residential or inpatient treatment. The length of an outpatient program can vary greatly depending on the condition and intensity of the addiction.

Some of the key benefits of outpatient programs are discussed below:

1. Long Time Efficiency: Addiction is a disease, which stems from several other underlying mental and environmental issues; therefore, it takes time become stabilized and begin abstinence. Outpatient programs provide a perfect opportunity for the patients to initiate a journey towards recovery while continuing to handle their outside responsibilities.

2. Family Support: Drug addicted individuals suffer from depression, and continued support from the family and friends can prove to be a great instrument to help them in overcoming their depression. In outpatient programs, the patients retain a close connection to their families that can hasten their recovery.

3. Continue A Normal Life: In residential treatment patients are constantly supervised. Residential treatment programs require full time commitment that leaves little or no room for other responsibilities; however, for those individuals who cannot leave their family, job or life for such an extended period of time, outpatient programs provide a perfect avenue for treatment.

4. Less Expensive: Outpatient programs are less expensive than inpatient programs. This can help the patients financially. It can also help the patients retain their current jobs and businesses that can further strengthen their financial situation.

5. Learning to make decisions: Outpatient programs provide a perfect opportunity for the patients to learn to take responsibilities for their actions and say no to the drugs with using will power that they can develop through  counsel from the addiction program, creating the opportunity for continued sobriety.

Above all, it is important to select the type of program that is correct for the individual’s lifestyle and intensity of addiction. Outpatient programs can be long-term lasting for months, which can help to ensure that the addict breaks the cycle of their addiction pattern. The more treatment help they can absorb, the better chances they have at continuing their abstinence long after treatment is over.

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