5 of the Most Common Reasons Why Individuals Become Dependent on Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol dependency can be the one thing preventing a life full of success and happiness.
Different aspects of life can weigh someone down leading to depression and a need to use certain substances to calm their thoughts and provide a moment of succor.

The problem is using such substances can be highly damaging for the physical and mental health of an individual. Each year millions of Americans struggle with addiction borne out of consuming substances such as alcohol or heroin.

1. Frustration: The frustration that comes from the feeling of not achieving enough in life can lead to resentment and depression. While experiencing depression, the individual begins to detest himself and adopts habits that can be very damaging physically as well as mentally. Depression is the core reason for drug addiction in numerous cases.

2. Company: It is known that, in some social circles, teenagers and high schools students experiment with drug use under peer pressure, which can lead to addiction and other serious consequences.

3. Parenting: From a very young age children tend to follow their parent’s examples. Parents leave a very strong impression over the personalities of their children. Poor parenting or having the issues of addiction in the family can increase the chances of addiction in the children.

4. Environmental factors: The environment that an individual is raised in or where they spend their life also plays an important role in the way a person would deal with different issues. Living in a society where drug abuse is prevalent or common can increase the chances of drug addiction.

5. Genetics: Some researchers suggest that people with certain genetic makeup are more prone to addiction as compared to others. Addiction can run in the family, and can affect some individuals more aggressively in comparison to others.

Addiction is a kind of disease that can affect anyone irrespective of their age, gender, financial status and religious beliefs. Proper counselling and being aware of the dangers of drug addiction can help the individual avoid the dangers of drug addiction. Drug addiction is a serious disease that anyone is subject to; but with proper treatment and support, anyone can overcome it.

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