Difficulties that Obese Children Face Throughout Life

Physical Challenges Faced by Obese Children
Obesity is a problem starkly encountered across the globe. The problem is growing common among children at a high rate. Heart diseases, diabetes and other health problems are caused by obesity. Being overweight or suffering from obesity can have a negative impact on children in psychological terms as well. They might be criticized by their fellows or excused of athletics because of their physical constraints.

This page lists a few common problems faced by obese children. The complications have been categorized as physical and mental.

Physical Challenges Faced by Obese Children


Diabetes put the children at risk of type two diabetes. Type two diabetes alter the manner in which human body utilizes sugar or glucose. This is a chronic condition.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is not a medical ailment itself. This syndrome is a set of conditions that can endanger an obese child of various health issues. Metabolic syndrome conditions consists of high blood pressure, additional abdominal fat, high blood sugar levels, high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol. These conditions can cause heart diseases, diabetes and other prolonged health problems.


Children who are overweight can have breathing problems. The most common type of such diseases, diagnosed in obese children, is Asthma.

Sleep Abnormalities

Children with childhood overweightness can be subject to sleeping disorders or abnormalities. The most common sleep disorder in obese children is medically termed as sleep apnea. It is a disorder that obstructs the child’s sleep. His or her breathing is disturbed during sleep. Breathing starts and stops during this condition. It is a repetitive.


Obesity can elevate puberty at an early age. It is because of the hormonal instability that obesity can cause. Menstruation and puberty can, thus, occur at an early age.

Emotional Challenges


Overweight children are usually subject to mistreatment by their classmates. They might be bullied at school or at sports club. It is a very common scenario. Such children tend to have a very loss self-esteem. The low confidence can lead to depression and inferiority complex. This can affect the child’s personality adversely and have an impact on his or her habits and reactions as well.


Obese children tend to either make social withdrawals or react erratically. These behaviors are very common among obese children.

Obese children do not like to be taunted or excused for their physical appearance. Support and encouragement can, however, help children in overcoming these problems and reduce weight as well.

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