How Much Power Does the Brain have Over an Individual’s Weight?

An eating disorder that contributes to obesity is the tendency of a person to consume excessive amounts of food throughout the day.
Obesity is the phenomena in which a person is overweight to the extent that it can affect the individual’s physical and mental health negatively.

The situation is increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. It is projected that diseases arising from obesity will be the largest cause of deaths by 2020. Lack of physical activity is considered to be a major factor of obesity; however, certain psychological factors are also involved in making a person overweight and obese.

Eating disorders:

An eating disorder that contributes to obesity is the tendency of a person to consume excessive amounts of food throughout the day. For instance, the individual eats multiple times a day even though they are not hungry. Eating disorders are a psychological problem, and it is one of the leading causes contributing to obesity. A person with an eating disorder always feels the need to consume more and more food frequently, although the body does not need it.


Depression is a psychological issue within an individual. Experienced by many, depression is a mental problem but that can lead to overeating. A depressed person usually withdraws from their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, the individual might lose the urge to indulge in sports, games and exercises due to the fact that the individual’s mind is constantly filled with pessimistic and depressing thoughts; therefore, the lack to physical activities coupled with the tendency to overeat leads to obesity.

Addiction To Junk Food:

This factor is very relevant in the modern society. The youth of today have a high affinity for junk food and fast food. These type of foods are considered very unhealthy, and they are one of the largest contributors toward obesity in youth. Often addiction to junk food is a psychological factor. The body does not need the food, yet the mind feels the necessity to consume it.

Marketing Techniques Used by Food Companies:

The marketing that food companies do to promote their products induce a psychological effect. Currently, companies such as fast food chains and other eateries employ marketing experts. These marketing experts create a psychological effect in the minds of the prospective customer which makes the customers feel the increased necessity to consume the food items in excessive quantities. Overeating of these foods items leads to obesity among individuals.

No matter which psychological problem or effect an individual is experiencing, obesity is always a risk. Health professionals can be employed to help an individual suffering from obesity and all the mental health problems that arise with it. Those who get help sooner rather than later have a better chance of succeeding in a healthier lifestyle.

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