First CRE documentary stuns industry: ‘Every investor MUST watch this film!’

16 Sep, 2015 – Oman Mohammed lived the American dream.  He immigrated 40 years ago to the United States, started a grocery store, and eventually “retired” with $30 Million of commercial property investments, until the last downturn caused him to lose everything and end with a $3.5 Million judgement against him.  Now he has nothing but social security and had to start over like he did 40 years ago.  

The following clip comes from the first two minutes of the new commercial real estate (CRE) documentary film, Revenue Reserve, where Omar describes “What it’s like” to lose everything at age 70, complete with trying to take his own life 3 times.

This new documentary film, Revenue Reserve, seeks to address the 800 lbs. gorilla in the room:  most investors and their advisors (including agents, attorneys, CPA’s, etc.) don’t really know what they are doing, but think they do.  Most do well when things are going up, which does not require talent, but when things go wrong (and they will again), too many experience a real-life “Shoots & Ladders” board game experience where they slide back to where they started or worse.  

Lenders and investors share this problem.  For example, about 15% of the commercial loans went bad for FDIC lenders in the last down-turn, but only .05% of loans went south for the life insurance lenders.  What were the life insurance lenders doing differently from the FDIC lenders?

This 5-year documentary film project took a comprehensive approach to understanding the investors’ and lenders’ problem alike.  How do you do this responsibly so you don’t lose?  It was filmed in 29 cities across the US with 19 interview subjects making the final cut for the film.

Industry icon investor, John Kehriotis, says, “Fantastic!  Every investor must watch this film!”

It’s important to understand, because when a financial shock hits (and it will happen again), it is irresponsible commercial loans that ultimately drags the economy into a recession. This is an extremely important film for the economy because it shows how the industry’s most successful private investors responsibly invest to protect and enhance wealth. 

Documentary Film Title:  Revenue Reserve: Because Things Go Wrong!

Producer & Director:  Doug Orchard, MLS

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