How To Use Press Release Distribution to Drive BIG Traffic to your Website and Business

One of the most powerful ways to bring traffic into a website and build links is to submit and top distribute press releases to google news using the new  Press Release distribution and submission and get your press release published.

If you’re using online methods to distribute your press release, you’ll find that every time you submit on, it will bring in both traffic and links. You will be able to submit your press release to google news and top news website.

How can you turn new innovations, grand openings, volunteer work and charitable contributions into links to your Web site? Writing press releases with embedded links and distributing them across the newswires can give you a number of high-quality links to help your search engine ranking.

All you need to get started is some news. Once you know what you want to announce, determine which keywords you want to focus on, and start writing your press release using your keywords. Then embed links to appropriate pages of your Web site using those keywords. Those links will help your search engine ranking for your keywords.

For the search engines to find your press release, you’ll need to post it on the site.

About Press Rlease Disitribution:

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Make News Visible

This is how to get a press release on google news, Press releases distribution drive broad discovery of your news message in search and social media, but that’s possible only if you get your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics right. We SEO all press releases to ensure that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all leading search engines index and rank your press releases for relevant keyword by using strategies that comply with the latest SEO guidelines and algorithm demands.

To submit your press release to 500+ news sites From Google News, Yahoo! News to ABC, FOX, CBS and many more visit the company’s official website:

You may have to pay for some of these services. But not only do they give you a quality link from their Web site, there’s a chance news organizations will pick up your press release and post it on their Web site as well.

There are few ways to drive large and productive volumes of website traffic that work as well as issuing a press release. Every website should employ this marketing tactic in their list of promotional activities. Here is what developing a sound press release strategy will do for you:

1. Incentivize you to create important milestones in your business and announce them in a timely manner.

2. Add relevant and keyword-rich content to your website which will attract quality visitors to your website.

3. Spread links back to your website throughout the Internet which will drive traffic and boost your search engine optimization efforts.

So what types of information are best for press releases? Any unique or interesting aspect of your business can be the subject of a great press release. Examples of often used milestones are: business formation and launch, new product launches, special pricing or promotional offers, new hires, new partnership agreements, or even a special commentary on a current event in your product niche. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and willingness to create the release. Another point to keep in mind – not every press release has to be an earth shaking revelation. Some of your press releases will be very important to your business, others will simply inform potential customers about products, features or special offers.

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