Life Coach Tom Eng Pays it Forward

September 16, 2015 – PITTSBURGH, Pa., United States – Tom Eng, renowned Life Coach, has spent years helping others to live their best lives. In return, he has received the support of numerous high-profile speakers and leaders.

In a recent interview with AM Media Agency’s Roger White, Eng commented, “For my upcoming book, I’ve received quotes from world leaders, A-List business leaders, and well known celebrities. Now it’s my turn to give back… one quote at a time.”

To this end, he has decided to extend that support to other writers and bloggers. He will do so by offering supporting quotes for any article or blog about Life Coaching or Personal Development. By including supporting quotes with content, an author gains an extra level of credibility with their audience. High-profile novelists and other writers use supporting quotes/endorsements regularly to give their content a boost in the eyes of new audiences.

Eng has over two decades of experience working in Project Management, Consulting, and Supervising. He later switched to Coaching after his own life was transformed by a Life Coach. Today, he maintains a blog filled with free advice and resources, while also maintaining a successful one-on-one coaching business. His areas of expertise include career, empowering men and women, relationships, and self-esteem.

Said one client, “I just didn’t have it all together and the fear of re-injuring my knee was just too much to carry out onto the field. The goals, milestones and exercises Eng put in place for me really helped me not only develop the courage for my own self, but confidence has built me up into becoming a better and more focused player.”

Another client recently referred to Eng as the Mister Myagi of Life Coaching.

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About Tom Eng

Coaching Nook founder Tom Eng (CLC, CPC, CHT) is a certified professional life coach who specializes in solving personal and professional problems in many areas. These include relationships, career, happiness, self-esteem, empowering men and women to name a few. Eng is available for interviews, media appearances, and speaking engagements.

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