Literary Devices is the New Go-to Website for Defining Literary Terms, Elements and Techniques

16 September, 2015 – Literary Devices ( is an innovative website that defines all literary terms, techniques and elements in one place. The website already has thousands of social media followers with more joining everyday. This growing community is made up of students, teachers, writers, book lovers and anyone else who has a general appreciation of literature.

The website offers clear, easy to understand definitions of literary devices with the list of terms growing constantly. Aside from a clear, easy to understand definition, each literary device is also accompanied by multiple examples taken from famous works of literature as well a short quiz to test the reader’s understanding. All literary devices are listed in alphabetical order in a side column that is visible from every page making finding a specific term quick and easy. Visitors can also find the term they’re looking for using the search bar in the header.

The explanations on the website makes it an ideal location for students to visit while learning about these literary devices as well as a fantastic resource for teachers to use as part of their classroom instruction. Outside of an academic context, the website is also a reliable quick reference source for writers or anyone else that needs a speedy reminder on things like the difference between a metaphor and an allegory. itself on its sense of community with an active web presence on multiple social networks including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The website’s followers are constantly engaging in conversations about literary devices with representatives from the website responding to questions and participating in the discussion. For the makers of Literary Devices its important that the website responds to the needs and questions of its users and they use the comments, questions and feedbacks from these social media discussions to keep the website as up to date and relevant as possible.


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