How Using Proven Treatment Methods for Addiction can help the Addicts Recover Faster

With the passage of time, it gets more difficult for an addict to recover from this drastic habit.
There are millions of people around the globe having drug addiction problems.

According to common belief, extensive researches for drug recovery have made it possible for people to get over drug abuse by going through a treatment program. Drug addiction is often considered taboo. Thus, there are various ways that have been devised over the century to make sure that people give up addiction. Still, alcohol, nicotine and meth are strong addictive substances which are challenging to let go. Reports have claimed that millions of people gave up using drugs for a short span after taking treatment only to resume their normal drug routine. The main reason behind failure of treatment is strong drug withdrawal symptoms which leave deep psychological and physical impacts on an addict.

There are many people who are not able to achieve sobriety, even after taking rehab courses. There are high chances that these people are not at fault. It is highly likely that rehab treatments are not as effective to provide permanent recovery.

According to shocking research report by Columbia University, it has been proven that most claimed rehab professionals have outdated methods for psychosocial therapies and medication facilities. According to famous book “Inside Rehab” by Anne M. Fletcher, most treatment methods are as old as in 1950s, whereas chemical composition of drugs has been considerably modernized. Miss Fletcher goes on to explain about science-based treatment methods, which are the only refuge for modern day addiction pattern, especially among teenagers.

According to various research analysts, like Mark Willenbring, the whole concept of a four week rehab course followed by support group affiliation is flawed. He believed that drug addiction is a form of a chronic disease, developed in most cases over a period of 8 to 10 years. Treatment of such chronic disease and elimination to the core is almost impossible within a period of one month or six week crash therapy course.

Only by adapting new ways and proven methods for curing drug addiction can the patients hope for progress in drug abuse recovery. Thomas McLellan claims that thousands of substance abuse treatments have become more like a cliché. How to get approved for a treatment’s authenticity is also a great obstacle. However, many public forums now seek license for any program initiation in order to prove authenticity for substance abuse recovery.


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