How Potato Spirits are the Ideal Libation for Celebrations

What makes a celebration great?
Every day, one can find a reason to celebrate – to celebrate life, achievements, birthdays, weddings and etc.

So as these festivities approach, it is only normal to wonder how to celebrate it this time. Needless to say, celebrations these days take a large toll on the bank account. Potato spirits? Yes, this drink made mainly by distilling potatoes will guarantee to get the party started! To continue on a positive note, anyone can have this, including vegans! Nothing better than that, eh?

Still not convinced? Well, let’s break it down!

  1. Saves money

Potato spirits such as Vodka despite being one of the cheapest beverages in the market has absolutely no correlation with quality. Thus hitting two birds with one stone, a drink that tastes amazing at the same time doesn’t eat up the wallet allowing one to completely enjoy the celebrations.

  2. Works for anything!

Regardless of if it was good day, bad day or a ‘meh’ day, it is a known fact that potato spirits can turn everything around and spice it up a bit more. It also takes away the scary thoughts of a certain celebration being a flop, because drinks such as Vodka, allow everyone to have a great time!

  3. Versatility

Vodka is a drink that scores quite well on the bar menu at any restaurant, gathering or pub and it is sure to be always available. Accredited to the versatility of colorless and flavorless vodka that seamlessly blends in with any other drink including various ‘shandy’ or even with other types of alcohol beverages with no disturbance to the original flavor making it one of the most preferred alcoholic beverages.

  4. Health Benefits

Potato spirits have health benefits? Yes, Vodka is said to help one achieve better cardiovascular health, reduce stress and provide relief from toothaches and headaches. Furthermore, it promotes healthy skin and facilitates growth of long and healthy hair. It’s antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, helps disinfecting wounds and works as a very effective cleaning agent.

  5. Drinking Games

Tired of playing truth or dare, monopoly or even poker the same way? Well, here’s how potato spirits will guarantee a good time! Spice up a game of truth or dare or even twister with a beverage such as vodka, where every time a person loses, he or she will have to take a shot. Furthermore, create a very own vodka pong game! Definitely one to keep the party rolling!

So get the party started, get your potato spirits on!

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